Friday, March 11, 2011



It's embarrassing to show up an hour late to an appointment.  It's even worse to walk in thinking you're  on time.


Well, don't let that happen to you this Sunday.  Make sure when you go to bed Saturday night, you set your clock ahead 1 hour.  Yep, it's time to Spring ahead!



Brian Hunter, lead pastor of Genesis Church - Tallahassee
Brian Hunter, lead pastor of Genesis Church - Tallahassee

Now, when I started out in full-time ministry, I was on staff at North Cleveland Church of God.  One of the things I did there was start and direct a Master's Commission program.  It's a 9-month intense discipleship program for college students.  It was an amazing time in my life.  And, I made some lifetime friendships.

One of those lifelong friends is Brian Hunter.  Brian led one of the three Master's Commission teams.  He was an exceptional Gospel partner then.  He's grown into an even stronger, more tenacious brother now.



Since that time, Brian has gone on to start a ministry in Toronto, Ontario.  A few years ago, Brian left Toronto to move to Tallahassee where he started Genesis Church.  God has given the ministry amazing favor.  And, Brian is digging into the community going after people who are far from Christ.


Presently, Brian and Genesis Church are starting a new campus at Floyd's, a nightclub on the strip, which is frequented by piles of FSU students.  It will open Sunday night March 27th.  They're expecting between 600-800 people at that campus on their first night.  Read the article or watch the WCTV new report about it here.


I'm really looking forward to having Brian spend Sunday with us at both campuses.  He's a phenomenal teacher, a good brother, and my close friend.  I'm glad you get to meet him.  I'm glad he gets to meet you and speak into your life.  

Jesse Santoyo
Jesse Santoyo, artist



And, if that wasn't enough to be looking forward to, our good friend and former worship & creative arts pastor, Jesse Santoyo is going to be rockin' the theater Sunday, leading us into worship of a good Creator God.


Jesse and Reina bring amazing talent and passion to everything they do.  They are some of the most gifted people I've ever met...truly.  Additionally, Jesse is a consistent person who opens up his life.  Not only does he lead out of his areas of giftedness, he lets you see who he really is as he follows Christ.  That's a thing of beauty.


I say we flatten the tires on Jesse and Reina's car and we don't let them leave. :)  This Sunday is going to be epic!  So, grab your friends and bring them out for a fantastic day!





With attitude,


Pastor Travis Johnson