Happy Flag Day

Happy Flag Day!

July 4th is Independence day.  Did you know June 14th is Flag Day?  Let's review what we know about the US Flag:

*  The first US flag was created by Betsy Ross during the Revolutionary War. 

*  You can't legally burn a US flag, or fly it upside down.  

*  If your US flag isn't touching the ground, it's ok to use it as a bedspread.

*  Draping a coffin with a US Flag is reserved for military veterans or government officials.

And you know what? Every one of these statements is WRONG.  True story!  Read this History.com article for more.

Robin's schedule for June/July:

6/16 - Kimberbell June

7/1 - Class


7/9 - Kimberbell July

BTY2021_08_17_DirectDeposit image

Kimberbell July

Have you tried Kimberbell yet? We do a fun project each month on the 2nd Saturday. Come join us Saturday, July 9th at 10:30am. Call Trussville at (205) 655-3388 to register.


The Q24 Returns

We have recently installed a new 9-foot longarm frame in our Trussville store. That gives us more space in our classroom, and it also means you can finally come in to get certified on how to learn the longarm! Our teachers at both locations say that the hardest part is getting over the fear of starting. After that, it is much easier than you think! Call Trussville at (205) 655-3388 or Valleydale at (205) 848-2303 to pick a date that you want to come in. Certification is just $50, which then allows you to rent the machine at either location for only $15/hour.  


New Fabric at Trussville

Come and see the new Christmas fabric that just arrived in Trussville! We're getting ready for some fun projects for Christmas in July! Details on that coming soon... 

We also have some fun new quilting rulers, rotary cutters, and a great book by BERNINA Ambassador Christa Watson called 99 Machine Quilting Designs (click on the video below to learn more). You can come by Trussville to check out any of these new items, or check out our great quilting ruler collection and try your hand at some of the designs on our BERNINA Q-Series longarm at either of our convenient locations.

New Quilting Designs book

New Embroidery Designs

Did you get an email from OESD last night talking about their new Patriotic designs? One of them is called "Sparkle in the USA".  It is a set of 8 applique designs that you can use with sparkly vinyl to create a unique look.  Come by the Trussville store and see a table runner project that shows you some of the possibilities.


We are going to be scheduling some Mastery Workbook classes at the Valleydale store in July.  Do you prefer weekends?  Weekdays?  Come by the store and let us know what suits you best.  At our last Trussville software class, most of the group said they are interested in digitizing.  We're working on some updates to our materials to create something for you, too.  

Happy Sewing,