April 2022
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Opening June 1 at Summer Adventure

Mystery of the Mayan Medallion Temporary Summer Exhibit

In this immersive experience, you will be transported to Palenque, Mexico, where an archaeological team has mysteriously disappeared from a dig site while investigating rumors of a priceless jade medallion. Follow the clues the team left behind to locate the precious medallion while avoiding the dangers lurking in the ruins.
Friday Starry Nights:
Magic Globe
April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
6:00 p.m.
Details and Tickets      
Friday Starry Nights:
Solar Superstorms
April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
7:30 p.m.
Afternoon Explorations
Continue your learning adventures throughout the school year in some of your favorite spaces at Roper Mountain as part of our Afternoon Explorations program. The Environmental Science Building, Dinosaur Adventure Trail, butterfly garden, and Wildwood are open to enjoy!
Afternoon Explorations
Special Event
Join us on Friday, April 22, to celebrate Earth Day with a variety of special activities taking place in the Environmental Science Building, Harrison Hall of Natural Science, and the Living History Farm! This will be the last opportunity to visit Harrison Hall and the the Farm until Summer Adventure begins.
Spring has arrived in Harrison Hall of Natural Science and with it new life is on display! These animals in Harrison are acquired from reputable suppliers who raise their animals so that these species are accustomed to human care. We have seen a large growth in our bee colony collection, and we have added a new blue tongue skink, bess beetles, mud worms, brine shrimp (AKA sea monkeys), pink tail trigger fish, pink spot blenny, and new pincushion sea urchins! 
We are excited for our new addition to one of our marine lab touch tanks: the Pincushion Sea Urchins! These spiky animals look more dangerous than they feel! Although there are venomous species of urchins out there, this native species is not dangerous. To the touch, they feel like toothpicks or a new hairbrush. They are sometimes referred to as "decorator urchins" because they will "grab" pieces of shells and rocks from their habitat to stick all over their body. Look closely to find them when you visit the touch tank, because this added decoration makes them camouflage very well. It also provides their body with a little extra protection. As a cousin to the Sea Star, they have tube feet all over their body, which act as little suction cups to move around and attach things to their body. They will also use these tube feet to stick food onto their body and slowly move it into their mouth, which is located on their underside. They help us by cleaning up the touch tank, and by eating leftover algae and plant material. They use their five small teeth to grind up their food as they eat it. Come check these cool animals out the next time you visit our Marine Lab! 

After your visit to the Marine Lab here are some fun facts you might want to remember when you visit the Ecology Lab.
Queen: The queen is a lot longer and is usually surrounded by a circle of worker bees.
Drones: The male bees are very large in size and not very active in the hive.
Brood: The brown covered cells are homes to bee larvae. If the cells look a bit puffy, those are drone (male bees) larvae.
Colorful Cells: In some of the cells, you can see pollen from different types of flowers.
Capped Honey: The white covered cells hold the honey. Bees use pollen and nectar to create this delicious treat.
Waggle Dance: Bees dance or shake to communicate to each other and tell where the pollen is located.
If you’ve visited our monthly Wonderful World of Natural Science series during Afternoon Explorations, you may have caught sight of our newest residents on the mountain! Three young poison dart frogs are now on display in the Rainforest classroom. These little ones will stay together until they are large enough to live with the adults of the same species in their own exhibit. We currently house the bumble bee dart frogs, dyeing dart frogs, and green & black dart frogs. Poison dart frogs are native to Central and South America, but only wild frogs are dangerously poisonous, as they need to eat certain insects, such as ants and beetles, to develop their skin toxins.
Visit the Roper Mountain booth at the iMagine Upstate STEAM Festival on Saturday, April 2 and be amazed by the power of air and extreme cold! We’ll have live science demonstrations with air pressure, weather, and chemistry every half hour, and indigo dying on the hour each hour.
Interactive activities for visitors of all ages include:
-Make a colorful bookmark using dye made from beetles
-Make slime
-Observe mealworms that eat Styrofoam
-Help build our mural and head home with a sticker that symbolizes your commitment to sustainability 
…that Roper Mountain will celebrate Earth Day during Afternoon Explorations on Friday, April 22? Earth Day was first held on April 22, 1970 as a means of demonstrating support for environmental protection. Former U.S. Senator from Wisconsin Gaylord Nelson proposed the idea to hold a nationwide environmental awareness teach-in to focus on environmental issues. Soon after the first Earth Day, a wave of environmental legislation followed, including the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act.
In our Environmental Science Building, we celebrate Earth Day everyday through our exhibits and lessons. The Our Water Story exhibit shows how our protected and healthy watersheds – managed by Greenville Water – provides us
with clean water. This exhibit also displays how ReWa (Renewable Water Resources) transforms wastewater into renewable resources, safeguarding our water environment. In Our Sustainable Future exhibit – presented by Fluor – interactive stations feature sustainability issues presented from things like waste, energy, water, biodiversity, and other environmental issues.

Reserve your tickets today to join us as we celebrate Earth Day!

Submitted by Life Science Specialist Tim Taylor
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