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Friday, September 10th, 2021
Hey Parkside Family!

Ever feel just a little bit hopeless? Have you ever felt like you just don't see the reason for continuing to push onwards and hold true to the faith? On May 26th, 2013, Harrison Odjegba Okene was onboard a towboat that tragically sunk during the night. Harrison just nearly survived- making a trip to the restroom mere minutes before the vessel capsized and ocean water began flooding the inside. Miraculously, the position in which the boat lied on the bottom of the ocean gave Okene a small air pocket that allowed him to breathe semi-freely. After a full day, he gathered the courage the swim through the pitch-black freezing cold water to the engineer's office where he found a significantly larger air pocket. Over the next 3 days, Harrison prayed day and night that by some miracle he might be saved...until he was! A group of support divers dove down to inspect the wreckage and miraculously was able to find and rescue him from his watery grave. This is a crazy story for sure, but there's also a lesson tucked away in there. God is bigger than your hopelessly impossible situation. There are COUNTLESS verses in the Bible encouraging us in hopelessness (Proverbs 23:18, Deuteronomy 31:8, Hebrews 12:2-3, etc) but one of my favorites is found in Psalms 9:10-11"Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you. Sing the praises of the LORD, enthroned in Zion; proclaim among the nations what he has done." Let us live with purpose and on mission each day. Let there be a burning fire in our hearts to do what may seem crazy to our earthly minds, but are a part of God's eternal plan. We don't know how much time we have left, so why waste our time being scared of what could be instead of being excited for what GOD COULD DO!

Mark on your calendar for the next 3 Sunday mornings! This Sunday morning, September 12th will be our "Membership Sunday" where Jeff leads us through the membership material and gives everyone the opportunity to either commit or recommit to being a part of Parkside!. The following Sunday, September 19th, will be our high attendance push for Sunday school as locally all churches are encouraging people to come back to Church that day. We will have the privilege of having Jaye Thomas, dove nominated singer and songwriter, with us that Sunday in both worship services. There are invite cards in the Worship Center and we ask that you commit to inviting 3 people to Sunday school and worship that day. That evening 20 churches will be gathering together to have a joint evening service at Munson Stadium. It will be a great day. Finally, on Sunday, September 26th, Nathan Lorick, Executive Director for the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention will be our guest speaker. Nathan has a true heart for evangelism, so I truly believe this will be an incredible morning!

We live in truly exciting times, so let's make the most of every opportunity. Our world is changing at a crazy pace, so take advantage of the opportunity! We love you, church family, and are excited to see what God does in and through you this fall!

Deacon Lovell
Communications Director
Looking Ahead
September will be a month we are focusing on GROW! There are 3 ways we want to grow this month:
  • Growing in Membership - A day to recommit your membership at Parkside and to understand what being a member is all about.

  • Growing in Testimony - A day to remember that our testimony can be a powerful tool in helping others know Christ. Special Guest Jaye Thomas in service.

  • Growing in Witness - A day to be inspired to be intentional in our everyday witness opportunities. Nathan Lorick will be preaching this day.
Look at God and What He's Doing
Wednesday Night Activities
This week our regular Wednesday night programming resumed for the fall semester. This year we made several significant changes to our activities to better encourage and accommodate outreach as well as discipleship. Though it wasn't an easy task, through the help of our many volunteers, and the hand of God, it was a complete success. We had an abundance of children and students in attendance this week, and they all showed promising signs of wanting to return.
Opportunities to Give Through Southern Baptist Organizations
Support relief efforts for Afghanistan refugees
Support hurricane relief efforts in Louisiana
Kids Ministry
Mom's Inc.
This Monday, Sept. 13, 10:00 AM
Awana Clubs
Wednesday Nights, 6:00 PM
Senior Adult Ministry
Encore Program
Tomorrow, September 11th, 6:00 PM
Pacesetters Game
September 24th, 6:00 PM
Student Ministry
Wednesday Nights, 6:00 PM
Impact Kickoff
September 12th, 5:00 PM
September 22nd, 6:00 PM
Worship Ministry
Singers Workshop
The next Singers' Workshop will be on Saturday, September 25, from 9:00 a.m.- Noon in the Music Suite. We'll cover topics like reading notes and music, vocal production, and basic music theory. You don't have to be a choir member to attend this free workshop.
Sign up through, or the Church Life app.
Ministry Opportunities
First Impressions Ministry
Making a great first impression is imperative to turning first-time guests into full-time members. If you're interested in being a part of this ministry, use the button below to fill out our contact form and we'll get in touch shortly with more information!
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