Community Strong
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May 2020
Issue 5
This month's we want to feature one of our mental health pofessionals that lends his expertise to the causes with Community Strong... today the Volunteer Spotlight is on Kevin Tennill! More
The term ROI (Return on Investment) is super easy to throw around when you are talking in business circles these days. Sprinkle in those three letters every once in a while and you might get in the Cool Kids Klub. Continue...
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Try It You Might Like It
Are you about to LOSE IT??
Exercise is known to help reduce stress, however we're in a very unusual time in our lives and it may be a challenge to keep our minds right.

So before you lose it completely, maybe try to have a Q & A with yourself...
Do you like to cook?
Do you like LESS stress & anxiety?

Well these foods are here to help!

Find some recipes with these 7 foods and see if they cheer you up. You'll never know until you try them, right?