Community Strong
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July 2020
Issue 7
This month's we want to feature one of our local volunteers that lends her time and energy to the causes with Community Strong...
today the Volunteer Spotlight is on Darlene Fischer...
Save the Date!! Workplace Wellness Summit coming in September...
Community Strong’s Action Teams Update!
The CSWW Program has launched ! This includes an evidence-informed Healthy Workplace Award and a supplemental, online toolkit that allows workplaces to implement a turnkey wellness program of the caliber to receive the Award! Community Strong is incredibly grateful for the CSWW Action Team’s guidance and drafting work in developing the program. If you are interested in being among the first organization’s to receive the award please email Thomas at to get you started- a deadline for one of the requirements for the Award is on October 8 th , so please don’t delay.
The CRUSH Coalition acts to combat substance use disorder and improve mental health in St. Charles County. This action team is currently working to create fun, engaging, and (most importantly) impactful events and activities for the remainder of 2020- whether they’re in-person or not! Please stay tuned for updates on a virtual walking event, Stomp Out Stigma (SOS), which is planned to have a unique take on walking events and include pick-up stations for a variety of cool, included SOS merch and activity materials! Have fun and fight for the health of the St. Charles County area while you do it! For another activity, search “ #CRUSHscc ” on Facebook to participate in a creativity-driven awareness campaign to bring people together during these times of high anxiety, and to promote the access to resources for people who need them. Search #CRUSHscc!
The CDMP action team is a powerhouse of expertise on the subject of Chronic Disease Management and Prevention (CDMP) and a variety of planned strategies and initiatives are in a meticulous research phase. With the remarkable leadership of the team ambassador, Nancy Gongaware, we will likely be kicking-off several research-driven approaches to tackling chronic disease in St. Charles County in the months ahead. CDMP volunteers are genuine, dedicated professionals and consistently offer a great deal of support to Community Strong initiatives generally. Our thanks to them is matched by our tremendous confidence in the sheer scope of impact for upcoming community strategies.
   -- update provided by Thomas Redd, Project Coordinator, Community Strong SCC
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