Above all in this tough time keep your community close; in times of need it's easy to be spiritually isolated from our community. We know that everyone is looking to keep growing their faith right now. However, not all of us learn and grow in the same way. We want to do our best to make sure that everyone has a bunch of different resources to keep their relationship with Jesus growing! Below you will find a bunch of different kinds of resources for all kinds of people. There's everything from free book links to download, websites, apps, podcasts, Youtube channels, and much more!
The Bible!
There is no substitute for Scripture; although there are a ton of good things on this list, they should all supplement our personal prayer life. A lot of times we find no interest in Scripture because we're reading in the wrong place as it relates to our current life. First, be Spirit led and ask God where He wants you to read in Scripture. Also, many Bibles will have a topical index in the back or feel free to search stories, verses, etc. about a specific topic!
Online Books!
Our CGS Parish Page - https://cgsccdogh.org/
  • Keep up with all things CGS!
Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston - https://www.archgh.org/
  • The main source for our Diocese! Go to the resources tab on the far right for so much content!
US Conference of Catholic Bishops - http://www.usccb.org/
  • The source for all things Catholic for the USA!
  • On demand resources of all kinds! Everything from devotionals, movies, prayers, Bible Studies, etc! Our parish log in code is WXF2JZ
  • One of the leading places for Catholic Youth. Blogs, resources, videos, and much more!
All these apps can be found for both Apple and Android
  • One of the most complete Catholic Apps with prayers, theology, daily readings, liturgy of the hours, rosary, etc.
The Holy Bible - YouVersion
  • This Bible app has daily devotionals, prayer aids for specific intentions, pictures to share, and more!
  • Listed above but also an app!
Hallow: Catholic Meditation
  • A great Catholic meditation app with prayers, meditations, and more
Ask Fr. Josh
Fr. Mike Schmitz Podcast/Homilies
Forte Catholic (Taylor is a friend of CGS, by the way!)
Abiding Together
Every Knee Shall Bow
The Tightrope
All Things Catholic
The Catholic Talk Show
Word on Fire
Youtube Channels!
This list is in no particular order
BeTheSymbol (Brandon is also a friend of CGS)
Catholic Answers
That Catholic Couple
A Catholic Mom's Life
Ok Catholics
Catholic Word of the Day
Ascension Presents
New Catholic Generation
Breaking the Habit
Chris Bray
There's so much out there! Be sure to check out our highlight on Instagram (@cgsyouth) for a huge list of Christian artists from all genres!
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