In this episode, I joined host Kerry Siggins on the Industrial Theory podcast. Terydon is an Ohio-based waterblasting equipment and technology manufacturer that was recently acquired by StoneAge
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Learn what this powerful joint venture means for the industrial cleaning industry, specifically for the continued innovation of accessories that optimize water delivery on the job. Kerry and I discuss the horizon for computerized, sensor-based cleaning equipment that can help mitigate human error and reduce water and fuel consumption. We also talk about the importance of collaborating with asset owners to plan the facility’s cleaning solution and maintenance schedule concurrent with initial construction. Lastly, I detail my excitement about the Terydon team joining StoneAge’s employee ownership program.

You can listen to the episode here, and I hope that you enjoy!

Terry Gromes, Jr.
Product Strategy Manager, Terydon, Inc.
p: (330) 879-2448

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