Volume 01 Issue 15
June 26, 2020
Global Supply Chain Responses to COVID-19: Issues & Answers
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Executive Education Academy, Postponed to 1st Qtr, 2021

BSMA USA 13th Conference:
Virtual Mini Conference, Oct 22, 2020
In-Person Conference Postponed to 1st Qtr, 2021

BSMA Europe 5th Conference. November 12, 2020
M essage from the BSMA Team: Please stay safe...wash your hands, don't touch any part of your face after being out and about, wear a mask to avoid touching your face or if you are coughing, keep the social distancing rule, and most of all be patient, positive, and proactive ... and we need to be kind to each other. Thank you.
Devendra Mishra
Executive Director & Co-Founder
Dotti Yells
VP, Marketing Technology