September 26, 2022
Happy World Tourism Day!
The United Nations World Tourism Organization's celebrates Tourism’s International Observance Day tomorrow, September 27.
World Tourism Day will put people and planet at the center of key discussions around the world: Where is tourism going? Where do we want to go? And how do we get there?
I am particularly proud that the membership and board leadership of the New York State Tourism Industry Association are in the forefront of the tourism issues being taken up at a global level tomorrow. I have observed on several occasions that New York's tourism industry exercises thought leadership. Last April's New York State Tourism Conference is a prime example of being on the leading edge of the tourism industry.
Consider our 2022 conference theme:

Transformational Tourism Stewardship: Shaping The Future

Transformational tourism stewardship calls upon us to lead change for the better
by engaging our communities in long term, strategic, visionary planning
to shape the future.

The further we look into the future,
the more opportunities to effect change for the better present themselves.

 The short-term constraints of sustainability, workforce development, Infrastructure limitations and other considerations will not be resolved by short-term thinking.

The New York State Tourism Industry Association (NYSTIA) is a member-driven, nonprofit organization. And it is precisely because we listen to and take guidance from our members that we are all at the vanguard of global tourism marketing, stewardship and long-term strategic planning. Be assured that when the industry convenes around the world tomorrow, we can hold our heads high and take pride in our efforts and accomplishments. Job well done!
- Bob Provost
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Rethinking Sustainable Tourism
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Advancing economic growth, community revitalization, small business success, job creation, quality of life and pride of place by realizing the potential of New York State's tourism industry and facilitating the success of NYSTIA members.