#PTFweekly # 73 - 5 December 2019
Six UK citizens have as much wealth as 13 million poorest
Eurovision too gay! Homophobic Hungary pulls out of annual camp fest
UK's six richest people have £39 billion - as much wealth as the poorest 13 million. Four million live below the official poverty line and 1.5 million are destitute. READ MORE . Truly shocking and disturbing statistics.

The fantastically talented Will Young is topping the bill at our Equality Ball. EARLY BIRD TICKETS ON SALE £45. This is our principal fundraiser and as always our success starts with your generosity.
Extreme inequality is the story of Ferraris and food banks

ZAMBIA: Gay couple sentenced to 15 years in jail
Their only crime is that they love one another
Sentenced using old British colonial-era laws
Feminist alternative to marriage: mixed-sex civil partnerships now legal
Campaign was begun by LGBT+ group OutRage! & Peter Tatchell in 2004
Straight equality at last!!!
Has Boris Johnson made a calculated gamble to ignore LGBT voters?
Politicians ignore the gay vote at their peril
Watch out! In marginal seats the 5+% LGBT vote could be critical
The Conservatives are the ONLY* major party to have NO candidate supporting the LGBT+ Election Manifesto
Sign here if you support LGBT+ equal rights
*correct at 4 December 2019
Nigeria: 47 men hauled into court for same-sex affection
Fake charges by corrupt police misusing anti-gay laws
Instead of targeting poverty and corruption, gays get witch-hunted!
Hungary pulls out of Eurovision because it's ' TOO GAY '
First we had the “gay-free” zones in Poland, now this. Intolerance is rising
Why has it taken Hungary so long to realise Eurovision is a bit gay?
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