September 18, 2019
Tomorrow is the Big Day!

North Texas Giving Day provides an opportunity for our stakeholders to contribute funds toward the Museum’s many programs and exhibits. 
We have been blessed with a good response from many of you over the years! This year, we thought we would present some immediate funding needs, all of which tie into preservation of our collection and its use as an entertaining and educational tool for North Texas schools. 

$150,000 Needed
Specifically, we have about $150,000 in immediate need for three structures at the Museum – two of which are very historic in nature, one that is yet to be built. Below, we have outlined three individual $50,000 projects for those structures.  
1 – Ca. 1900 Houston & Texas Central Depot - $50,000

Complete exterior restoration, including stripping, priming, and painting.
Repaint interior.
Construct new porches, ramps, and stairs.
Reconstruction of two chimneys.
Installation of new HVAC system.
Dallas Depot of the H&TC, a registered Texas Landmark Structure. Since moving to Frisco, the Depot now sits on new concrete piers and has a new roof. The next step is to remove all of the existing exterior paint and refinish using the original color palette from 1900. Other improvements are listed above. The Depot will see over 5,000 FISD 3rd graders in the coming year.
2 – 1903 Santa Fe Interlocking Tower 19 - $50,000

Repair exterior siding and trim.
Repaint exterior.
Apply stucco finish to concrete base.
Reconstruction of stairway to first and second floors.
Restore electrical service.
Reconnect HVAC system.
Santa Fe Interlocking Tower 19 is listed on the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) with the Library of Congress. Since moving to Frisco, the Tower now sits on a new concrete base constructed according to original Santa Fe plans and has new embossed steel roof panels. It is awaiting repair/replacement of several courses of exterior drop siding which were removed during disassembly and relocation to Frisco, along with complete exterior painting. Other improvements are listed above.
3 – Construction of new Locomotive and Car Inspection & Repair structure - $50,000

Build 30’x108’x18’ painted steel structure.
Construction of concrete pads for heavy-duty jacks.
Locomotive and Car Inspection & Repair Structure. We are excited to add this new building to the mix. It is essential that we have a covered facility to conduct repairs and restorations to the Museum’s 65-piece rolling stock collection. It is patterned after similar structures in the industry and will provide ample room for maintaining and improving rail cars, including standard length Pullmans and streamlined cars.
For further information on these projects, please contact us at  
 The Museum of the American Railroad is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable corporation chartered in the state of Texas in 1962. The mission of the Museum is to enrich the lives of others through meaningful, relevant programs and exhibits that relate the history & technology of the Railroad and its profound impact on American life and culture.