9 August 2018 Newsletter # 4
Is Trump's deputy a more shocking alternative?
& the Peter Tatchell Foundation on LGBT muslim solidarity.
Impeach Trump? Hold on! The Human Rights Campaign says Vice President Pence's decades long attack on LGBT+ people makes him a chilling prospect as president. A MUST READ - HERE

We're stepping up our campaign for LGBT-Muslim Solidarity. More here .

Asifa - an out and proud Muslim trans woman speaks HERE about how the Qur'an is widely misinterpreted. It is not explicitly anti-gay.
BELOW - Torture in prison, Peter Tatchell a 'gay gangster', FIFA and homophobia and gay blood.
This week it is actually a video from Human Rights Watch containing secret footage from inside an Ethiopian prison. It i s four shocking minutes.
The 'saint' and the 'gay gangster': Rights activist Peter Tatchell
Are you too gay to donate blood?
Screen the blood, not the sexuality!
World Cup 2022 in homophobic Qatar:
 Why is FIFA colluding with tyrannical regimes?
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