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" Let us not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it."
~ Vincent van Gogh

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In this issue:

  • Start 2019 with a Free Group Healing Session
  • The Water Element Season
  • The Trust Hormone
  • Spiritual essence and telepathy of animals
  • Driving anxiety gone in one session
  • Emotional regulation
  • New BodyTalk Study Group - The Heart "Epicenter of Life Qi"
  • New MindScape Healing Intensive for Animals and Their Humans
  • 2019 MindScape and BodyTalk course dates
  • First time in Minneapolis! BodyTalk Access

Free Group Matrix Healing Session

Join us for a live group BodyTalk/MindScape session. The session will focus on areas in your life which you would like to experience positive change and awareness such as: relationships, finances, health, sleep, immune function, hormones, boundaries, creative expression, career, emotions, behavior patterns, organization...

The group session will also be recorded and emailed to you.
Your intentions will be kept confidential
The group session is open to everyone.

January 10th 8:00 - 8:30 p.m. Central
Join by phone or webcast
The Water Element

Winter is a time when nature's energy slows down and moves inward. Animals hibernate, plants and vegetation move underground, and people tend to spend more time indoors and move about at a slower pace.

The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, are used to interpret and explain the flow of energy and relationship of our inner world (physical body) to our outer world (environment). In the northern hemisphere, winter began December 21 and will end March 20. This time period is also known as the season of the Water Element.

How does the Water Element affect us physically, emotionally and energetically?

The water element balances and process the emotion of fear. Healthy fear allows us to discern what is safe or unsafe in our environment. When out of balance, our fears may become more burdensome and heavy. People may feel more isolated, alone, and disconnected more than other times of the year. How does fear show up in life?
  • Paralyzing Fear - prevents taking action or moving forward in life
  • Inhibition - want to move forward but something "pulls us back"
  • Escape - avoiding or running from a situation or responsibility
  • Over Power - take control of a situation to avoid an unpleasant emotion
  • Retreat - recluse, withdraw from relationships, society, work, fun

The water element support our physical body:
  • Bones - strength, repair, growth
  • Knees and Feet - flexibility, strength, stability
  • Spine - supports the vertebrae and spinal nerves from the neck to low back
  • Muscles - dynamic hip muscles, rotator cuff, lower leg
  • Kidneys - cleanses the blood, recycles electrolytes (salts), maintains blood pressure

The water element supports us energetically:
  • Will power - find the energy and will to live (opposite of depression)
  • Take Action - move and propels us forward
  • Survival - recognizing resources that keep us alive and healthy
  • Sexuality and Sensuality - balance of male a female relationship energy
  • Stores Vital Energy - acts as a reserve for times of stress or illness

Water is unstructured, adaptable, powerful, healing and flows with purpose and direction. Water’s movement closely resembles the flow of energy in our body and how we navigate life. The season of the Water Element gives you an opportunity to regenerate and move in a positive direction nourishing your energetic, spiritual and physical well-being.
The Balance and Trust Hormones
In 1983 the heart was reclassified as an endocrine gland when researchers discovered a hormone produced and secreted by the atria heart. The hormone was given the name - atrial natriuretic factor (ANF), also known as "The Balance Hormone." ANF plays an important role in fluid and electrolyte balance, regulating blood pressure, kidneys and adrenal gland functions, and signaling homeostasis centers in the brain.

Recently, scientists have found the heart manufactures and secretes oxytocin, a chemical commonly is referred to as the "love or social or bonding hormone." In addition to its well-known function in childbirth and lactation, oxytocin has been shown to be involved in cognition, trust, friendship, and the establishment of enduring pair-bonds in humans and animals. It also supports the body-mind to considering beliefs and ideas that differ from ours without being critical or closed minded.
New BodyTalk Study Group
New BodyTalk Study Group!
Starts Tuesday, February 5

Exploring the Intuitive Intelligence of the Heart
"The Epicenter of Life and Qi"

February 5 - March 12
Tuesdays at 12:00 Central  

A first look at a few of our topics we will explore together :

  • Learn an ancient heart technique to accelerate Active Memory balancing
  • Life metaphors of blood and the circulatory system
  • Travel the four paths of heart communication
  • Anatomy of "heart strings"
  • Birthplace of the physical heart
  • Understanding heart field manifestations
  • Fetal life partnership of the Heart and Thyroid
  • Electricity of touch and heart rhythms
  • Biological and heart wisdom encoding
  • "Queen of Hearts" - exploring importance the heart's Yin (feminine) energy
  • Genesis of blood Qi
  • Where does the body store heart wisdom?
  • "Heart of Glass" - role of the pericardium and kidney meridians
  • Muscle groups and reciprocals influenced by the heart
  • "Base Chakra heart attacks"
  • "Kick Start my Heart" - fascinating matrix factors of a heart transplant
  • Ebb and flow of blood according to the 5 Elements
  • "The Guardian" and "The King" (not Elvis)
  • Exploring the moon's effect on heart intuition
  • Plus more!

Six Week Series Includes :

Six Lessons - Audio, slides, printable study guides

Six Heart Balancing Group Sessions (following each weekly lesson)

Weekly Question and Answer Time by Live Chat and Phone

ALL LESSONS AND SESSIONS are recorded and emailed to you

Open to students of all experience levels

More topic announcements coming soon!

$99 - for the complete six week series if registered before February 5
$150 - registered after February 5

Animal Telepathy and Spiritual Essence

"The word ANIMAL comes from the Latin, ANIMA, which means life principle, breath, air, soul, living being. Recognition of the spiritual essence of animals and respecting them as fellow intelligent beings is vital to facilitate inter-species telepathic exchange. Animals are able to communicate with humans who are open to the telepathic connection. They get your intentions, emotions, images, or thoughts behind the words, even if the words themselves aren't totally understood.

Sometimes people think that when you can communicate with animals telepathically, they will be willing to do what you want. No, communication doesn’t equate to obedience. Animals are individuals with their own agendas in life. We can communicate with each other and still have different perceptions, different priorities, and different ideas about how things should be." - Penelope Smith, Animal Communicator
MindScape Healing Intensive for Animals
and Their Humans

New MindScape Study Group and Healing Intensive

Starts Wednesday, January 30
Resolve Conflicts
  • Open channels of communication. 
  • Interact with the future and heal the past. 
  • Experience the world from the animals point of view.  
  • Expand tools for connecting with animals in your life and healing practice. 
  • Increase your resonance and ability to connect with the animal kingdom. 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your relationship with nature. 
  • Unwind fears, misunderstandings, and behaviors
  • Recognizing synchronicities of being guided to your new animal companion
  • Establish a routine to enhance your clarity of sensory input.
  • Deepen mutual understanding and cooperation.
  • Discern the difference between projecting and truly receiving.
  • Learn the "language" that will open the door to your animal friends' hearts and minds.
  • Open up to the messages that animals around us are sending
  • Recognize the animal's needs vs. their perceived "disobedience"

An animal companion is not a requirement for participation.
MindScape is a prerequisite.

January 30 - March 6
Wednesdays 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Central

Six weeks of live and interactive lessons
Weekly healing sessions for you and your animal companion
All events are recorded and emailed to you

Plus more!

$99 registered by January 30
$150 registered after January 30

Emotional Regulation
  • Anger
  • Feeling stuck
  • Cravings
  • Procrastination
  • Sabotage
  • Control issues
Emotional Regulation Success Story

"Anxiety permanently gone in one session"

"For years my driving anxiety was paralyzing! My heart would race, my chest would tighten, and I thought I would die! I had panic attacks as a driver and passenger. After ONE Emotional Regulation Session, I gained control over something that had control over me for more than three years. Today, I drive when and where I want, relaxed and with confidence. Thank you, Todd and Angela!"
Cindy Kennon - Lubbock, Texas

The video above was taken by me after my Emotional Regulation session. I was in the passenger seat while passing a fuel truck. Before, when riding as a passenger, I would hold my breath, close my eyes and lean away to the left as far as a I could, laying on the console. As you can see, I am calm and present as I video the event! - Cindy 

  • Does not trigger the original traumatizing situation

  • No need to revisit the past

  • No need to share personal details

  • The emotional reaction to the specific stressful situation will not return.
2019 MindScape and BodyTalk Courses


Santa Cruz, CA
February 1-3

Dallas, TX
March 1-3

Missoula, MT
April 12-14

Fundamentals 1&2

Dallas, TX
March 21-24

Dallas, TX
August 1-4

Frame of Mind series. Composition of human face wire-frame and fractal elements with metaphorical relationship to mind reason thought mental powers and mystic consciousness

Advanced MindScape
Kelowna, BC (Canada)
June 7-9

Sioux Falls, SD
May 3-5

BodyTalk Access
Saturday, May 18
Minneapolis, MN
details to be announced soon!
Archived BodyTalk Study Groups
"I have taken all of the Online Study Groups that Todd and Angela have put together and I love them! I go back and re-listen to the recordings whenever I need to refresh my memory. Very useful!" ~ Teresa Ohlson - California
Todd and Angela work with clients of all ages who seek optimal health and in partnership with a variety of professionals and health care  providers. Since 2002, they have owned and operated a holistic practice  and international seminar business based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

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