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" Your destiny is to fulfill those things upon which you focus most intently. So choose to keep your focus on that which is truly magnificent, beautiful, uplifting and joyful. Your life is always moving toward something. ~ Ralph Martson

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In this issue:

  • New! 60 day Inner Peace Program
  • Inspired by the Liver
  • The Life Compass
  • Egg Balancing and Julius Caesar
  • Fasting and Anti-Aging
  • Eyes in the Back of Your Head
  • New study group starts in May
  • New 2019 MindScape and BodyTalk course dates
  • Free Webinar: "Discover BodyTalk" April 9th

Inspired by the Liver

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, the spring season brings growth and a renewal as evident by the sprouting of flowers, trees and plants. In Chinese 5 Element philosophy, the Wood Element is a description of seasonal energy moving towards the surface of the earth. Life, once dormant during winter, is now pushing upwards for all to see.

The inspiration to cleanse, clear and organize your space, s pring cleaning, is supported by the natural consciousness, or personality, of the liver and the Wood Element. Consider the liver a master planner and organizer of the body-mind acting as a filter for everything we ingest: food, supplements, vitamins, medications and liquids (water, coffee, tea, alcohol). The liver is an important pathway for detoxification and a storage site of blood and energy reserves.

The liver supports brain activity responsible for ambition, planning, organizing, problem solving, strategy, and creativity. When the liver energy is out of balance, people may experience an unorganized and chaotic way of navigating life, difficulty planning, feeling mentally dull, or begin to hoard. 

In ancient Chinese medicine, it’s said, "The physician who knows how to harmonize the liver knows how to treat the hundred diseases.”
How is Your Compass?
Hand with compass at mountain road at sunset sky in Kazakhstan central Asia
Having a plan or goal gives us a sense of purpose and direction. The liver consciousness, or energy, orients us toward the future with confidence, hope, and optimism. Like a compass, the liver navigates life's path as we journey towards a final destination or goal. It provides a clear vision of our purpose in life.

When out of balance, we may wrongly perceive a polluted spiritual path, philosophy or teaching to be correct. As a result, people may fanatically defend and blindly follow the path. When the health of the liver is balanced and in synchronicity with the body-mind, we can see our way out of the darkest of places, with clarity.
Egg Balancing and Julius Caesar
The word “equinox” comes from Latin root meaning “equal night” when daytime and nighttime hours are approximately equal. The Spring Equinox occurred this year on March 20th in the northern hemisphere, marking the beginning of spring and end of winter. The southern hemisphere, on the other hand, knows it as Fall Equinox because it marks the beginning of autumn and end of summer.

Originally, March 25th was set as the date of the Spring Equinox by Julius Caesar when he established the Julian calendar in about 45 B.C. However, the Julian calendar was about 365.25 days, there was a "drift" between the two equinoxes. For example, the Spring Equinox in 300 A.D happened on March 21st, but 1200 years later it had drifted to March 11th.

Because of this drifting of the Julian calendar, Pope Gregory XIII decided to create a more modern calendar. One that adhered to the date of Easter, as set by the Council of Nicaea, or about March 21st. However, that calendar had "drift issues" causing Easter to fall on a date before the equinox. Fortunately, that was adjusted by astronomers who omitted a number of days from the calendar so that the Spring Equinox would fall somewhere between March 19th and March 21st.

One of the oldest known traditions for celebrating the Spring Equinox is the Chinese tradition of balancing eggs. In Chinese culture, as with in others, eggs represent fertility and new life. The Chinese would try to balance eggs on their end for good luck. It was said that if you could balance eggs on this day, then you would have good luck and prosperity all year round. This ancient Chinese tradition has led to the modern-day myth that eggs can only be balanced on their end on the day of the Spring Equinox.
Fasting Slows Aging Process
New research has discovered a chemical link between intermittent fasting and the anti-aging effect.

Senior researcher at Georgia State University, Dr. Ming-Hui Zou explains, "During periods of calorie restriction, the ketone body known as beta-hydroxybutyrate is produced by the liver. We found this compound can delay vascular aging of endothelial cells, which line the interior surface of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels."

The findings could help prevent age-related chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer's.

Eyes in the Back of Our Head?
Your mom may not have been lying when she told you she had eyes in the back of her head.

A series of tests conducted at Tohoku University in Japan have provided the first evidence that our visual system constructs a 360-degree model of our surrounding despite our narrow forward facing range of vision. 

The results indicate that representations of surroundings exist in the brain can be used to "look back" without the need for turning. Our brain ability to see 360-degree world despite the limited front view of the eyes.

New Program!

60 Days to Inner Peace

We are excited to announce "60 Days to Inner Peace," a new program designed for people seeking to break free from the burden of unwanted emotional patterns and reactions.

Feel stuck in life?
Hide or control how you really feel?
Not performing as well as you could or should?
Avoid or run from a situation?

By connecting to your innate biological capacity for self emotional resolution, the brain resolves the unwanted emotion by repairing the sensory print pathway. Without a sensory print pathway, the emotion has no blueprint to live. As a result, people experience inner peace evident by a "viscero-somatic quieting" or calming of the whole person. The process is natural, safe and efficient for resolving patterns such as depression, fear, anxiety, PTSD, anger, and grief.

As a participant you receive:

  • Receive four sessions to resolve unwanted emotional reactions and behavior patterns of your choice: past, present, or future.
  • Three Emotional Resolution sessions and a BodyTalk session for support and enhanced integration
  • Follow up calls after each session to evaluate the results
  • Lasting results: the reaction to the trigger will not return
  • No need to share private details or personal history
  • No need to relive the original trauma
  • Includes live video training: learn how to use the self application process in your daily life ($225 value).

The results are amazing! We feel confident the 60 Days to Inner Peace will enhance your emotional well-being with positive long- term results. Plus, you will learn a tool for managing emotions and reducing stress.

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Group of cheerful young people discussing something with smile and gesturing while leaning to the table in office
"I have felt like an outsider, not belonging most of my life. Since my Emotional Resolution session, I feel like I've come out of a shell. I am engaging, warm, confident, and my voice is stronger. I truly feel like a new person."  
K.L. - Wisconsin

Inner Peace Program

$495 - includes four sessions, four follow up calls, self training video
$825 if sessions and training purchased individually (savings of $330)

New Dates!
2019 BodyTalk and MindScape Courses


Missoula, MT
April 12-14

Dallas (Irving), TX
June 29-30
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Fundamentals 1&2

Dallas (Irving), TX
May 16-19
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Sioux Falls, SD
October 17-20
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Frame of Mind series. Composition of human face wire-frame and fractal elements with metaphorical relationship to mind reason thought mental powers and mystic consciousness

Advanced MindScape
Sioux Falls, SD
May 3-5
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Kelowna, BC (Canada)
June 7-9
(Save $100 by May 6)

MindScape for BodyTalkers
Integration Course

Miami, FL
April 26-28
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