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Public Health Somerset
We have started the 2018 Public Health fundedMindful Emotion Coaching Training with 4 half day Workshops for 60 teaching staff from Primary School settings.

Find out more and check out the booking form for October Workshops at

Our 2017 Somerset Emotion Coaching Report is available on line - read how Avishayes Primary School in Chard embeds Emotion Coaching within a Whole School Approach.

We are working with a group of parents from The Gryphon School in Sherborne developing a CRISIS toolkit for families with children with emotional and mental health difficulties. Contact Sarah if you would like to get involved.

Somerset County Council is launching a Wellbeing Award - T he Somerset Wellbeing Framework will provide schools with a roadmap for achieving a 'whole school approach' to mental health and an opportunity for settings to gain recognition and celebrate the success of school-based interventions. Book your place at the Welbeing Launch.

Interested in training to facilitate Emotion Coaching Groups for Parents? Click to apply for

Mindfulness Optimism Relax Harmony Concept


I came across this amazing App very recently and then guess what?

They are giving away free log ins for teachers

The SHARE (Schools Health and Resilience in Education) website is up and running at . Check out the SHARE May Newsletter .
Back to School with Mum and Dad
If you missed this BBC One documentary about the Family School, which the Anna Freud Centre founded it's well worth watching- working with children excluded or not attending main stream education while sensitively managing the child-parent dynamic.

Dr Sarah Temple is Director of EHCAP Ltd and has developed Mindful Emotion Coaching as a way of cascading skills in responsive relationships, self regulation and empathy. Sarah and her team are now offering low cost on line coaching for parents with children with emotional and mental health difficulties.