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Volume 02 Issue 28
July 30, 2021
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“Commercialization Of Cell & Gene Therapy: ADVANCING TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION”    

The innovative therapy of Cell and Gene Therapy has imposed Draconian demands on the supply chain in terms of production batch of one, sixteen-day vein to vein lead time, cryogenic preservation and cold-chain logistics, chain of custody, real-time patient care, and prohibitive cost of treatment. Executives of CGT companies and service providers will address the “Issues and Answers” of raw material supply, supplier QA, apheresis, scale out of clinical and manufacturing operations, distribution and logistics, information systems, governmental compliance and efficacy of treatment.
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“Patient-Centricity within Drug Supply:
Moving from a Push to a Pull Strategy”
Join our interactive roundtable session to discuss:
· The need for a patient-centric supply chain through a use-case presentation
· Challenges associated with transitioning to a pull supply chain
· Evolving supply strategies such as Just-in-Time and drug pooling
· How can technology help enable patient centricity within clinical supply?
· Cost-benefit realized 
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Devendra Mishra
Executive Director & Co-Founder
Dotti Yells
VP, Marketing Technology