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Coronavirus Government Support Announcements

The Latest News and Updates
We have prepared a detailed Report outlining the Australian Federal Governments response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Report brings together the announcements and packages introduced by the Federal Government as it applies to individuals, sole traders and businesses.
Fact Sheets - Additional Information
NSW State Government Initiatives

Payroll Tax

Land Tax

To date the NSW Government has not announced any relief packages on its website (very disappointing).

However, we have been contacting Revenue NSW and requesting and receiving approval for deferral for payment of outstanding Land Tax Instalments.

The deferral is up until 30 June 2020, and we have been advised that a further request for deferral can be made at that time. Revenue NSW has also advised that penalties and interest charges will be waived.

We will be contacting each client that is a Land Tax payer to discuss their individual circumstances and apply for a deferral on their behalf if requested to do so.

Department of Fair Trading
Impact of Coronavirus for real estate industry, renters, residential landlords and other information [Read more..... ]
Major Banks Response to Coronavirus
The Major Banks have all announced support packages for individuals and businesses impacted by the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Click on the logo for your Bank to see what they have announced to date.
P lease note that the information contained in this Newsletter is subject to change as the Government and policymakers are making announcements and updating packages basically on a daily basis.

Information provided on Government websites is of a general nature and the media does not go into specific details or eligibility criteria (the fine print).

We will endeavour to provide you with as much information as we can once the detailed information is notified to us by the Tax Office or other Government Department or Financial Institution.

Our preferred method of communication at this time is via email wherever possible.
Please stay safe and follow the health directives and guidelines we need to follow during these difficult times.

The health of our families and ourselves is paramount, and above all else.
This information has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or individual needs. The information provided is general in nature and for information purposes only, and no liability is accepted if you act without obtaining advice specific to your needs.