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Gathering in Grace • Growing in Faith • Going Forth to Serve
Sunday, June 21, 2020
Worship at 10:00am ~ Live-Stream Only
Altar flowers this Sunday are given by Shari and Roger Olson
in honor of their son & daughter in-law,
Josh and Elise Olson's first anniversary.
Rob Reid
Director of Music
Uplifting Music this Sunday
As we come together to worship on TLC's Live Stream this coming Sunday, June 21st, do enjoy the variety of musical offerings from your TLC Family: Prelude and Postlude from organist Carmen Englert , who is also joined by her daughter Hope on Timpani on the Postlude and on two of Sunday's hymns. And although we weren't able to have our traditional Men's Chorus sing together this year, like we normally would on Father's Day, do sing along on the hymns led by The  Socially Distanced Men's Quarte t consisting of Kevin Erickson, Scott Knight, Bob Riley and Rob Reid , and enjoy their offering song. We will hear the Psalm chanted by Jill and Rob Reid , and they will also share the beautiful "Shelter Me," a prayer song written by Fr. Michael Joncas in response to the global crisis of COVID-19. Fr. Joncas is the composer who brought us the beloved hymn "On Eagles' Wings."
Live-Stream Viewer Data
Last Sunday, June 14, 2020
Estimated viewers: 438+
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219 Media Devices Linked
to TLC Live-Stream on Sunday
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Media Devices Used
40.4% Computer Desktop/Laptop (Apple & PC)
30.3% Mobile Phone (iPhone & Android)
16.2% Smart TV/YouTube app
11.1% Tablet (Apple & PC)

Parking, Praise & Prayer
TLC holds its first ever drive-in worship service
Pastor Ed on the "altar" at the west entrance of TLC. Pastor Grace (left) assisted.
Vehicles parked facing towards the entrance. People remained safely in their cars watching the service and listening to the audio on their FM radio. Some chose to sit in their lawn chairs in designated areas.
Emily Jorschumb on the audio mixer, Jasper Treat on camera 3. The rest of the live-stream/FM crew not pictured were Charlie Herron on graphics, Evan Collins and Charlie Treat on cameras 1 & 2, and Brad Nolte on the switcher and live-stream system.
The Praise and Worship band from the left: Phetsamone Ekholm on piano, John Rosenow, vocals and guitar, Brian Annett on bass, Brian Toms, guitar, and Tom Gunstad on drums.
Praise and Worship singers, from left: Rob Reid, Jill Reid, Mary George and Angela Burla.
By Intern Pastor Grace Pardun Alworth

Bringing a bit of the past into the present, TLC had its first ever drive in worship service on Sunday. Volunteers and staff set up the altar and area for the musicians at the front entrance of the church. The cars were parked perpendicular to the lines on the lot, spaced out so people could sit in camping chairs outside of their cars but many people stayed inside with their
windows down and their radios tuned to TLC’s radio station. There were 40 cars and 66 people total in attendance. Pastor Ed Treat preached and Intern Pastor Grace Pardun Alworth assisted.
Pastor Arthur Murray was with the church group in the Boundary Waters.

Many precautions were taken to ensure the safety of everyone who attended. Volunteers and anyone outside of their cars wore masks, large circles with a 6 foot radius were drawn on the parking lot for people to place their chairs in and still maintain social distancing, and the
musicians were spaced out. When it came time for communion, people used the elements they had brought from home.

TLC has been worshiping online since the coronavirus pandemic shut the doors in March and this was the first time that some of the members have seen each other in three months. The service was broadcasted on the church’s livestream site and was viewed almost 200 times.

This was made possible by Brad Nolte’s FM transmitter, his media van, his expertise, and an amazing group of volunteers and ushers. If you’re interested in volunteering for the next drive in church service, please contact Michelle in the office mreber@tlcmn.com or 952-884-2364, ext.12.

Photos courtesy Louise Olson
Church Office Remains Closed
Please remember that the church office remains closed to the public until further notice. Even if there is an event or matter within the church requiring your attendance, for health and safety reasons, we ask that you refrain from "visiting" the church office without prior approval or appointment. In addition, face masks are required to be worn for any activity within the church. Thank you for understanding.
Church Re-Opening
JUNE 19, 2020 UPDATE

TLC is currently following the recommendation of Bishop Ann Svennungsen and is forming a Pandemic Preparedness Team. The team will study the many guidelines issued by MN Department of Health along with those of the ELCA and develop a plan and a timeline to ensure that we are creating a safe worship environment for all. The team will include representatives from TLC Staff, ELC Staff, Council and the Congregation. If you believe that you are being called to serve on this team, please contact Pastor Arthur at amurray@tlcmn.com .
Watch the Live-Stream starting at 9:55am Sunday Morning
Visit www.tlcgo.live or click above at the time of broadcast to watch the
live-stream of the service. Programming starts at approximately 9:55am

Also find us on your Smart TV...
Click here to view or download a pdf of the Church Council May 2020 meeting minutes.
Sunshine, Twizzlers

By Carter Andrews

As one of the 17 paddlers that ventured north to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) this past weekend, I have to say this trip makes me want to go on more TLC adventures. The weather was beautiful with sunny days and cool nights. Being a first time paddler I had my doubts about going on a trip like this, but my open minded and optimistic group put me at ease. The never-ending candy supply helped too. My camp was laid back and VERY eager to eat as many Twizzlers possible- eating four family sized bags in three days.

We spent the weekend swinging and napping in hammocks, sitting around a campfire eating our dinner and dessert and then using it to wash dishes, and some really great fellowship with one another.

Friday was our canoeing day. It was a long and challenging day with strong winds, portaging, and finding a tick in my mom’s hair. Yet another fun and exciting adventure was the long hike to the latrine. On the way to the latrine, hidden in the plants and weeds was a Minnesota state flower, the lady slipper. It was a bit wilted, but still glorious to see.

During this trip, I made new friends and had fun with new experiences. If you get the chance to experience the BWCA, I highly recommend you take the chance. You won’t regret it.
We Remember
Larry Hill
June 15, 1941 ~ May 13, 2020

A celebration of the life of Lawrence Hill was held via Zoom this past June 6, with Pastor Ed Treat presiding.
Click here to visit Larry Hill's TLC Memorial webpage where you can view an archive of the entire Zoom service and leave a personal message or thought.
VBS Sunday!
  • Worship will be online-only at 10:00am
  • Make sure the kids tune in for the first and last 15 minutes of the service for:
VBS themed music and a special children’s message

Do you remember the VBS tunes:
& L-O-V-E ????

11:30am ~ 12:30pm
  • Pull up your car or lawn chair
  • Socially distance around the perimeter of the parking lot
  • Bring your own coffee/juice and treats
  • Visit with your TLC family
  • Make some new friends
By Pete Erickson
Interim TLC Youth Minister
TLC High School (Socially-Distant) Dinner and Pool Party
When : Tuesday June 30th
Drop off: 5:30pm
Pick up: 9:00pm
Where :   Sandy Stooke’s House, 2815 Overlook Drive. Thanks Sandy!
Please bring $5 for dinner and drink. We will have Papa Murphy's pizza.
Please RSVP to let us know if your student can make it ( lma6588@gmail.com ).
SAFETY, let's take care of each other!
This event will be outside and dinner will also be served outside. 
If you are sick,  even just mildly sick , please do not come to the party.
If you have a known exposure to someone with Covid or Covid symptoms, please do not come to the party. 
TLC Youth Hang Out (Wednesdays at 7:00pm) Calling all TLC youth! H ope you can show up for a Hang Out at 7:00pm on Wednesday. We will play some games, have a devotion and just keep connected to each other. This is a time for 7-12 graders! Here is a link. Hope to see you there!
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 927 3741 8476
Password: 110154
Renee Jefferson
Director of Education - 22 Years of Service
I wrote the first draft of this article before the Covid-19 shut down and it was to appear in the May-June Transcripts – so now I am revising it to match the times. I will retire this summer. My last working day is July 31. As yet I don’t have any plans beyond that. I will be 68 this year and want to be able to do things like volunteer in my grandchildren’s schools, travel, and maybe join choirs, book groups, garden, etc.

I started at TLC in the fall of 1998 and from the picture, you can see I haven’t changed much, except maybe for the extra 35 pounds, extra gray hair, and extra stylish clothes! I have worked with eight pastors and seven youth leaders during this time. As I look to my future, I ask you to look to the ways you can smooth the transition from my areas of involvement to whatever forms new leadership will take. I have valued the time I have been allowed be in ministry here at TLC.

This year was supposed to be exciting because of the 35th Anniversary of our ELC – such a powerful witness to the gospel and an asset to the community. Because of the pandemic and social distancing, none of the planned celebrations can happen – this year (we could celebrate 36 years – Biblically, a more wonderful combination of numbers – 3 and 12). The TLC-ELC remains open and serves essential workers. TLC-ELC was at the beginning of a major fund raiser to upgrade and improve the playground area to make it safer and to meet code for children of all ages. All those plans have been put on hold, but the need is still there. Watch for updates on how to help make it happen. I have had the privilege of serving on their board for 15 of my years here. The current board is doing an outstanding job in dealing with all the ways Covid-19 has called for monitoring the health of the center, the children, and the staff – mentally, physically, and financially. I want to challenge a few of you to offer to sit on the TLC-ELC board. Non-staff board membership is 3 years. You can be an important liaison that helps encourage and uplift this important ministry. The ELC’s constitution requires at least one TLC member to sit on that board. Even if you are not up to the challenge to serve here, consider sending a letter of appreciation to the staff there. Barb Wigstadt has created a center of excellence and Karen Wenge and Kathy Scotting, as Assistant Directors, continue to do heroic efforts to offer a calm, safe place for children.

I have had the privilege of leading many Bible studies. I think I have presented every book of the Bible at least once and many other studies. Thank you to all who have taken part – I have learned so much from and with you. I challenge you to continue to open your bibles and talk together – now that things are opening up a bit, maybe a backyard Bible study. Many thanks to my many-times co-leader in studies, Marilyn Erickson. There are lots of good resources out there and one of them is from Luther Seminary https://luthersem.libguides.com/c.php?g=360851&p=2437409 – a trusted site and the seminary from which Pastors' Ed and Arthur and Intern Pastor Grace and I attended.

My work with small groups and leadership development has given me insight into many strong and passionate leaders. We have had many groups formed through at least 3 different small group initiatives. My challenge is to find a group that interests you and join it, start a group that interests you, and/or look for ways to connect through short-term projects with members of TLC. I also challenge all of you to take the next leadership training course (one will be offered in the fall – probably in a digital format) to help your groups and teams run smoothly. You can access the training manual at the TLC website. Paper copies are available, as well.

Children’s ministry has changed a lot for all churches. We have used many curriculum products and styles. When we lost all our classrooms during construction, we had everyone in one space – that was interesting! We don’t have the large numbers in Sunday school as we once had, but when I polled several of the ELCA Bloomington churches, we are at or above nearly all of them when it comes to average attendance. We have normally offered vacation Bible school that attracts over 130 children. The excellent cooperation with the ELC, TLC staff, and a special note to Rob Reid, all who always made each day special for the children. This year, we were not able to offer the same type of experience because we cannot safely invite lots of people from outside to share space with our TLC-ELC nor expose the many volunteers needed (many of whom are in the higher risk groups) to possible exposure. I have some challenges for you here, in the future, as well:

  • Say “yes” when asked to serve on a visioning team related to children, youth, and family ministry (contact interim Youth and Family Director, Peter Erickson at pete@ismteam.org)
  • Explore ways you feel you can have an effect on children and family ministry and volunteer – one hour, one day, one of something – no matter your age, your faith is your tool.
  • Consider joining our Milestone Ministry team – a group of people who help parents and children explore faith concepts.

I have been the closet lady (similar in ways to a bag lady, I suppose). I know where all our closets are and pretty much what is in them. In the future, others will need to take charge and know. I challenge all you cleaners and organizers to find ways to help TLC organize once it is safe and keep track of the resources we have. And I promise I will clean out most of the stuff I’ve collected over the years that only I could possibly have though we could use “someday”.

I will miss all the ways I have been able to meet and interact, and hopefully, assist you in your faith journey. I will visit occasionally but do not want to “get in the way” of the staff that will come after me. God bless our journeys as we look for new ways to be Christ’s hands and feet in this world.

-Renee Jefferson
Thankful for Efforts Made
Did you get to "go to church in the parking lot" last Sunday? We are lucky to have people who think of ways to get by the pandemic virus problem and give us what we need --- a way to worship outside, either sitting in your car, or perhaps lawn chairs brought from home.  The cars even tooted their good will several times, and with excellent weather, many enjoyed an "almost-in-the-church-event."  Still, we must not give up being cautious,wearing our masks, social distancing, and doing perhaps a "fist bump" with friends instead of a hug or a hand-shake.  If we begin to relax the precautions, those numbers of cases of Covid 19 will begin to rise quickly again and we'll be back to square one.  I feel it's important to get the kiddies back to school in September, and if the hospitalizations and even deaths are still happening regularly, those kids will have the school doors shuttered once more.

I do feel better about the Class of 2020 now. Their diplomas will be passed out in their homes, pictures can be taken and even a recording of "Pomp and Circumstance" will be played!    Fortunately, we have resilient young graduates who will appreciate that finally their high school days can end on a good note.  

Let's be thankful for these efforts to make events like worship and graduation take place at all. There have been so many other distractions just recently with the demonstrations, lootings, and burnings, when justice seemed to have fallen by the wayside for our black communities. Every day we may hear of another incident, see on the news what happened exactly, and wonder when peace will finally come.  We must search for a "new normal" on our own, and don't rely on someone else to bring peace....People can get tired struggling with discrimination
their whole life....getting denied justice that we take for granted.  Perhaps we should have "walked in their shoes" at some point just to understand how they feel.

Father's Day is coming on Sunday.  If you have your father yet, you are lucky.  Let's make it a day to celebrate, keep up our virus vigilance, and pray that peace and good health will gradually be our new normal.

-Bloomington Bird Lady

ASDIC Free Online Workshops
Starts this Sunday
Dear TLC Family,
One of the most important mentors and teachers along my ongoing personal journey towards an anti-racist worldview has been a man known as Okogyeamon, the co-founder of ASDIC. Beginning this Sunday afternoon, ASDIC is offering a series of online workshops. They are free. They are open to the public. You can participate in one or all. I highly recommend them.
For those who have grown up white in a majority white context there is SO much that we can’t possible know or relate to in what is going in our world. Yet repairing our society requires our engagement, involvement and whole-hearted participation. We are all in this together.
I sincerely believe these workshops will greatly assist any person to be part of the healing of ourselves and our community. Will you join me?
In hope for justice, peace and healing,
Pastor Arthur
Conversations on Systemic Racism
June 21 & 28, July 12 & 19, 2020
2:00-3:30pm on Zoom
Join the ASDIC  and FREC (Facilitating Racial Equity Collective) communities as we respond to this historical moment.
In light of the murder of George Floyd and countless police killings of Black and Brown people, the world is reassessing the role of both police and society at large in addressing system-wide and structural racism. We wish to look at what this moment is about, how it connects to America’s history of systemic racism, and the forces that continue to sustain racism in Minnesota and the nation.
With the support of Professor Joe R. Feagin of Texas A&M University, along with Minnesota anti-racist activists and scholars, we will host four 90-minute conversations with guest panelists over the summer, starting next Sunday.
Join us for one or all of these conversations. They're free and open to the public. Learn more and register here.
Expectations and Surprises
My internship to date

By Intern Pastor Grace Pardun Alworth
Dear TLC Community,
When I was beginning internship, people asked me what my hopes and dreams were for it. What do you hope to learn? What skills do you want to develop? What kind of congregation do you want to work in? And I had no answers because I had no expectations.

I’m glad I didn’t have any expectations for internship because it’s been filled with surprises! I think if I had come in with a set mind, the disruption of the pandemic would have been even harder for me to adjust to. For example, I had never heard of Zoom until Spring semester when classes moved online and then just a few weeks ago, I was the assisting minister for a Zoom memorial service. While we all would have rather been there in person, being able to provide a way for friends and family to gather together to grieve and celebrate their loved one was worth

I want you to know that I miss you. We were just getting to know each other when the pandemic halted our in person worship services. Learning to be a pastor during a pandemic was definitely not on my internship vision board! But the weather is nice, I’ve got ample masks, so let’s go for a walk, or chat on your driveway! Send me an email and let’s get something on the calendar.

In my first round of seminary, I studied Pastoral Care and Counseling and this has remained my passion. If you’re struggling right now, and you think pastoral counseling would be helpful, I would be honored to meet with you. We would use our new favorite tool Zoom for our completely confidential session. Please send me an email or call me at the church office to schedule something. This is a weird and stressful time and you don’t have to walk it alone.

I didn’t see internship shaping up like this, but I am completely convinced that God led me here to TLC and I am so grateful that we are in this together. I would love to hear from you all.

With love and prayers,
Intern Pastor Grace

952-884-2364, ext. 15
-a continuing series-
By Pastor Al Dungan
You Changed the World
~Part 2~
Over 600 years before the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the prophet Jeremiah proclaimed these words: For from the least of them to the greatest of them, everyone is greedy for unjust gain; and from prophet to priest, everyone deals falsely. They have treated the wound of my people carelessly (with utter indifference), saying, “Peace, peace,” when there is no peace. Jer. 6:13-14

It was the utter indifference of a police officer towards George Floyd ending with his death that finally, finally brought the problem of systemic racism within the Minneapolis Police Department to a head and the pus burst forth into the community. Days of protest and nights of rioting followed.

Time and time again, attempts have been made to correct the problem but those attempts were too little and too mild and were strongly opposed by those who resisted healthy change to bring about the needed change. The wounds of systemic racism has been healed carelessly and with utter indifference by the white privileged society (My white privileged society).

Then George’s murder happened and that one act has electrified and energized the city, the state, the nation and, yes, the world to join together to cry out for all those voices that had cried for 400 years of slavery of black people and the attempts to destroy those who were living here before the appearance of Western Europeans into the North and South American continents.

Now we are faced again with that difficult catechetical question: WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR US?

For some it will mean either continued indifference or becoming angry with those who dare to speak about our ELCA white privilege. It will mean that they will pack up and leave because they don’t like the message that confronts them with the challenge to change—to become what the Church is really about.

For others it will be a time of great distress as they witness how all that they have known all their lives is changing and they feel powerless to hang on to the old normal. The normal they have known, even though they try to hang on to it, will never return. And that’s hard to do—to let go of what was and come to terms with what is.

And for still others it will be a time when they will say, “It’s about time. In fact it’s long overdue. Now what can we do to be a part of the healing?”

And that’s what the next article will be about.

Since TLC's worship services have gone exclusively online, many of you have signed-up for online giving. . Besides being a great convenience for you, it supports and regulates the church budget.
If you have moved to online giving and normally receive envelopes, please let the church know so we can stop forwarding envelopes.
Small Groups
During this time of social distancing ministry is still happening and we want to hear from you! Let's share your stories with the community of TLC. Are y'all meeting? How have you adapted your meetings to keep everyone safe? What projects are you working on? Send a brief description and some photos to tlcmedia@tlcmn.com and we will share your committee's news on The Weekly.
5 Keys to Retiring Fearlessly
Tuesday, June 23, 12 noon
~ ~ ~
 Building Your Retirement Foundation
Sunday, June 28, 2 pm

5 Keys to Retiring Fearlessly-
You are invited to attend this 40 minute seminar on retirement preparation.  Discover five ways to unlock a retirement with confidence in your ability to achieve your goals. To join the workshop, simply go to www.zoom.us/join and enter the code 819 251 7181 and password 393992. Thrivent Financial Professional, Durk Peterson, will lead the workshop. If you have any questions about zoom access or the workshop, please call him at 612-702-5509 or Durk.Peterson@thrivent.com . No products will be sold.

Building Your Retirement Foundation-
Wondering how much you should save and what type of accounts you should have? Be confident in how you’re saving for retirement by learning how to build a strong, adaptable financial strategy.  Join this workshop, simply go to www.zoom.us/join and enter the code 819 251 7181 and password 393992. Thrivent Financial Professional, Durk Peterson, will lead the workshop. If you have any questions about zoom access or the workshop, please call him at 612-702-5509 or Durk.Peterson@thrivent.com . No products will be sold.
We are pleased to share that thanks to a wide variety of support from individuals, businesses, foundations and city government, VEAP has already distributed over half a million dollars i n rental assistance grants! These funds are serving as a critical safety net ensuring that families in crisis are able to keep their apartments and homes during the pandemic.
With the eventual lift of the eviction moratorium however, VEAP is bracing for a wave of housing court cases to start the eviction process against families-- removing them from their homes during an incredibly difficult time rife with unemployment and dim job prospects. VEAP's team is working as hard as we can to ensure this doesn't happen to the most vulnerable members of our community. Our Social Services team is connecting directly with landlords and tenants to make payment arrangements and submit rental grants for hundreds of people.

But we can't do it with out your support. To help us reach as many families as we can, we've extended our COVID-19 campaign .  Will you join us in making a difference to promote the health and stability of your community by making a generous gift today?
Do you ever need an extra prayer for yourself, a loved one, or a dear friend? TLC has a prayer team that prays often for members, their families and friends of the congregation. Send your prayer requests to merickson@tlcmn.com or on the TLC website here. Your prayer needs are sent on to the Prayer Team and kept confidential – just between you, the pray-ers, and God. If you would like to be a member of the prayer team, please sign up on the yellow Life@TLC bulletin insert.
Spam Blend
By Mrs. Dennis Rodning
What You'll Need:

  • 1 can Spam
  • 1/2 lb. cheese
  • 2 tbsp ketchup
  • 1 tbsp mustard
  • 1/2 green pepper
  • 1 small onion

Mix in blender or grinder and spread on hamburger buns. Wrap tight in aluminum foil. Bake in covered roaster at 300 degrees for 1 hour.

[Editor's note: Replace mustard with Jalapeño Mustard. Adds a nice 'snap' to the flavor]
June 2020
Congratulations to Bloomington Meals on Wheels for 50 years of service to the community!

1968-1969: The Seed of Volunteerism is Planted

Volunteer home delivery of hot meals began on a small scale in Hennepin County when two Bloomington churches, Oak Grove Presbyterian and St. Luke’s Lutheran, provided meals prepared in a local restaurant. Soon, St. Stephen’s Lutheran and St. Edward’s Catholic churches joined in a task force which laid the groundwork for a structured home-delivered meals program. Their work led directly to the creation of the Bloomington Meals on Wheels program and the seed was planted for community-based, non-profit, volunteer MOW programs throughout the metro area.

1970-1971: The Seedling Takes Root and Meals on Wheels Emerges

The first formal Meals on Wheels program structured as the all-volunteer, community based effort we know today began March 19, 1970 when the Bloomington Meals on Wheels program started delivering meals two days a week to seven clients. Transfiguration started supporting MOW with volunteers and funding in 1971. We can be proud of TLC’s contributions of drivers and funding over the years. What a great legacy!

If interested in becoming a volunteer driver, contact:
   Ingrid Swanson 952-944-5696
   Nancy Dahlof 952-831-1961
   Jo Benson 952-884–9881

Monetary gifts are much appreciated as TLC had to remove Meals on Wheels from the 2020 budget. Make checks payable to TLC, write Meals on Wheels memo line and mail to TLC, 11000 France Ave. S. 55431 or ( click here for online giving and select Gifts/Memorials once there). Thank You!

Learn more: Phone: 952-835-1665
Bloomington—Eden Prairie Website: bloomepmeals.com
Resumes Wednesday nights with Pastor Grace.
Continues each week at 7:00pm
Join Intern Pastor Grace as she re-Zooms Wednesday night Bible Study. Bring your own bibles and let's learn about the interesting and often overlooked characters in our book of faith. 
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 960 1654 7916
Password: 891335
Click and watch right now. There's 24/7 programming representing TLC. Share with friends.
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Like other crisis’ before it, the Corona virus will eventually pass and our lives will return to near normal. It’s times like these that can really test our faith. Take care of each other and yourself. We will get through this together. And, please don’t forget to support TLC in the mean time.
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