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We are extremely excited to announce our BRAND NEW WEBSITE.

To kick us off, we have produced a guide on "How to Choose the Right Software Company" to get you started (see content below). We will frequently update the website with new content, so check back or join us on LinkedIn and get updates as we post them.

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So, you’re researching new software prospects. What an incredible opportunity your company has to engage staff and the effect will be better than you bargained for. The Workplace Research Foundation reported that “highly engaged employees were much more likely to have above-average productivity, to the tune of 38%. That means that  highly engaged employees are almost twice as likely to have above-average productivity” [i]. Show your staff that you are listening to their needs & stay engaged with those who make your world go ‘round. All too often, I see companies ignore their most important resource, their staff. Those who spend their days working with the software are your biggest and best resource, they have first-hand knowledge of the do’s and don’ts and the have’s and have not’s. According to Dale Carnegie, “Companies with engaged employees, outperform those without by 202%” [ii]. It’s important to consider all input when making company-wide changes. Asking your end-users their opinions does MORE for your bottom line than saving you from making costly purchase errors. Read more...

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"Even though technology is seen and used everywhere, there are still some companies that sidestep it. Companies who resist technology,  TechGenYZ says , send away customers, turn off employees, and sink their futures. As a result, TechgenYZ outlines 5 reasons why companies should implement technologies in their businesses processes" says, Jessica Messier with, My Tech Decisions.
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Rachel Hedrick - Marketing Director
Rachel Hedrick received her degree in Business with an emphasis in Tourism management. She began her career working in the Tourism and Marketing industries in Central Oregon. Life's ever changing landscape saw her moving to Pensacola, Florida, where she worked for the University of West Florida, College of Business (CoB) as a Program Manager for the Executive Mentor Program, CoB Student Organizations Liaison and Event Coordinator, with events like the annual Woman In Leadership Conference. Rachel has also worked as professional photographer, working events like the World Cheer-Leading Competition & she volunteers as a photographer for seniors who couldn't otherwise afford quality senior photos.

Oregon beckoned her home and she began working as Marketing Director for RDB Solutions.

Rachel likes to spend time with her husband Jesse & dog Hank outdoors, kayaking (yes, Hank kayaks), hiking, fishing and, her favorite past time is photography.

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Software Spotlight
Lumber Expert is an all-inclusive and robust application designed for the wholesale and distribution industries. It encompasses: order processing, management, inventory control, a fully integrated accounting module, and financials.

Lumber Expert contains many modules, one of which is Trader Expert. TE was specifically designed for traders and has everything they need to get the job done. This includes: order and inventory management, product inquiries, and account management, for example.

Lumber Expert provides all the accounting and back-end functionality with an intuitive workflow that’s easy to understand, reducing training costs and increasing accuracy.

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