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WASH-RAG News – April 2022

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Around the World and Back to You
WASH-RAG members from around the world are submitting applications.

Since its founding in 2007, the WASH Rotary Action Group has been dedicated to its Mission:

“To support and ensure sustainable long-lasting safe water, sanitation and hygiene programs to communities in need.”  

To further this cause, WASH-RAG’s Board of Directors is delighted to announce a one-time, special grant of $25,000 to encourage Rotary Districts and clubs to become active participants in a WASH project. Better still – that $25,000 will be eligible for a dollar-to-dollar match from DDF and/or cash contributions to the Global Grant.

All Rotary Districts and Clubs qualified to participate in The Rotary Foundation’s Global Grants Program can apply for the grant. Clubs who have participated previously in a small WASH project, funded by a District Grant are encouraged to apply.

How to apply

•  All applications must be submitted to grants@wasrag.org

• Copies of the following documents are essential:
Community Assessment
The Global Grant application – especially
Step #1 – Basic Information;
Step #3 – Project Overview; 
Step #8 - Budget and
Step #9 – Funding.

• Applications will be reviewed by WASH-RAG’s Grant Review Team Deadline for submissions is April 30, 2022

• The Team may suggest some changes. If they are acceptable, they
should be incorporated into the final draft of the Global Grant application.

• A copy of the final draft should be sent to grants@wasrag.org when
the Grant is submitted to The Rotary Foundation.

Grant funding is contingent upon approval by The Rotary Foundation. Upon receipt of a copy of the Foundation’s approval, the WASH-RAG grant will be transferred directly into the Global Grant.

Please direct all questions to info@wasrag.org
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The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers is a group of Rotarians who volunteer to use their professional skills and technical expertise in Rotary’s areas of focus or financial auditing to advise Rotarians who are planning and working on Rotary Foundation grant projects. The Cadre is composed of more than 700 members from 75 countries who speak more than 80 languages.

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June 3, 2022
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What are our WASH WARRIORS doing?
Need an International Partner?
Project to Provide Water, Sanitation, &  Hygiene to Kaimosi, Kenya

Providing WASH in a Rural Healthcare Facility in Kenya  
The global grant request for these so-needed items is $300,000. We are seeking the support of Rotary Clubs and individuals that understand the desperate need for this project. We thank you for any type of investment you may be able to provide to truly make a difference in Kenya. For more information, please contact Shane or Dr. Billy at the numbers below: 

Shane LeMon,
Email: shanelemon@aol.com;
Ph: (505)343-0400 ext. 101 

Dr. Billy Jivetti;
Email: JivettiBA@gmail.com;
Ph: (505)448-9665
In 1968 Rose Jivetti from the small village of Emmaus, near Kaimosi in Western Kenya had a dream to construct a medical center that would be built to support expecting and new mothers and to provide immunization for children under 5 years of age. While Rose worked as a midwife and nurse in the community in the 1960s she realized over 50% of all births were performed outside of a medical center. Births at home were, and are dangerous, and many mothers and children died. If the children did survive, the next 5 years were critical. Whooping cough, malaria, and diarrhea claimed many young children. 

In 2007 Rose and family members embarked on a program of community health initiatives including malaria campaigns and preventative medicine, but soon realized the plans were short-lived and began to plan for a more sustainable and wide-reaching solution. A plot of land was purchased in 2010 and fundraising began to construct the Fellbaum Health Center Facility in the village.

Today, Rose’s dream of a three-story health facility stands and is nearing completion. When completed, this health center will change the lives of the community. The Rotary Club of Albuquerque, where Dr. Billy Jivetti is a member (son of Rose), is working in coordination with the nearby Sagam Rotary Club in Western Kenya to collaborate on developing a clean and reliable water supply for the community and health care facility consisting of a drilled deep borehole well, solar pumping system, raised water storage tank and distribution network. In addition, we are seeking to add a sewage tank/septic system for the health center and a medical waste incinerator, all aimed at improving the health and hygiene of the community. The facility when completed will serve and benefit a population base near 30,000 in Western Kenya. Gastrointestinal diseases are rampant in these communities due to unclean water supply and poor sanitation issues.

~Edited for publication in WASH-RAG Newsletter

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The WASH Rotary Action Group is pleased to consider partnerships with any corporate supporter. Due to the unique attributes of water sources and water provision, acceptance of corporate support does not imply an endorsement of any particular water technology. Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, and Rotary partners must evaluate any technology to determine if it is the best solution for the conditions where the program will be implemented. The WASH Rotary Action Group can provide guidance about where different technologies work best, but Rotarians and Rotary clubs must make the final decision about how to implement their programs. Email us about your ongoing or finished project at info@wasrag.org.

This Rotary Action Group is RI-recognized and operates in accordance with Rotary International policy, but is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International. To learn more please contact the WASH Rotary Action Group by email at infor@wasrag.org Thank you.