Volume 37 | October 8, 2018
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Photo collage with service award recipients Susan Gallagher Kathy Richards Jamie DuHoux and Leann Koon. Other images show Susan and Leann receiving awards from from Waded Cruzado president of Montana State University
Major Milestones
Congratulations to the WTI staff members who were recognized last week for their years of service to Montana State University. Many of them were able to attend the Milestones in Service ceremony on October 2, during which they received congratulations and service awards from MSU President Waded Cruzado. Thanks to all of you for your (combined) 75 years of dedication and contributions to WTI and MSU!

Jamie DuHoux – 20 years
Susan Gallagher – 15 years
Marcel Huijser – 15 years
Leann Koon – 10 years
Jamie Arpin – 5 years
Karalyn Clouser – 5 years
Kathy Rich – 5 years

New Journal Article on the Effects of Wildlife Fencing

Road Ecology Researcher Marcel Huijser and his colleagues have a newly published journal article in Biological Conservation . “ A fence runs through it: A call for greater attention to the influence of fences on wildlife and ecosystems” is one of the first empirical investigations of the interactions between fences, wildlife, ecosystems, and societal needs. It illustrates the global prevalence of fencing, outlines fence function and common designs, reviews the pros and cons of fencing relative to wildlife conservation, and identifies knowledge gaps and research needs in fence ecology. The full article is available online .

CITATION: Jakes, A.F., P.F. Jones, L.C. Paige, R.G. Seidler & M.P. Huijser. 2018. A fence runs through it: A call for greater attention to the influence of fences on wildlife and ecosystems. Biological Conservation 227: 310-318.
Event Reminders
Low Volume Roads Conference Announces Call for Papers
Interested in participating in the International Conference on Low Volume Roads, hosted by WTI in Montana in 2019? The call for papers is open until November.

The Transportation Research Board is soliciting papers for the upcoming 12 th International Conference on Low Volume Roads (LVR). For the first time, this conference is offering two levels of submission covering any relevant topic related to low volume roads: 
  1. Research-Level and Practice-Ready Papers 
  2. Extended Abstracts/Synopses 
For more information about the two types of papers, as well as deadlines and formatting requirements, visit the  Call for Papers page. There is a broad range of suggested topics, including safety, design, sustainability, technology, and workforce development. For more information on the conference itself, view the announcement on the  WTI website or contact  Laura Fay .
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