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Gathering in Grace • Growing in Faith • Going Forth to Serve
-Our second in a summer & fall series-

This Sunday, July 12, 2020
Please join us in the TLC west parking lot for
10:00am worship with communion.
Arrive early!
Music by TLC's Praise & Worship Team
Come in your car and listen at 87.9 on your FM radio. Bring your own lawn chair and sit up front in designated "safe distance" areas. Note, if you're planning to attend with lawn chairs (and attend the coffee gathering afterwards), please consider parking in the east lot and walking over.

Individually sealed communion elements containing juice and a wafer will be available from the ushers at the Harrison Avenue entrance of the parking lot.
What to know:

  • Please arrive early, parking lot "ushers" will guide you to a parking space (vehicles will be facing towards the church west entrance).
  • Enter parking lot thru the Harrison Avenue entrance.
  • Tune your FM radio to: 87.9
  • Ushers at the entrance will be providing prepackaged communion cups/wafers (gloved hands). If you're uncomfortable with contact, you are encouraged to bring your own juice and bread/crackers.
  • Bulletins will be available as you drive in by gloved and masked ushers. If you don't wish to have contact, please download and print your own bulletin by clicking here or view it on a media device. The bulletins contain hymns and lyrics so you can sing-along.
  • You are asked to remain in your car for the service or you may sit outside on the passenger side of your car in a chair you bring, or near the front in the chalked circles marking a safe distance zone. Please wear a mask and maintain a safe, six-foot distance from others.
  • If you live close enough to walk, bring a lawn chair and sit at a safe distance from others and wear a mask.
  • IMPORTANT—restrooms will not be available and the office is not open.
  • The service will be live-streamed and available on-demand upon completion. If you choose to watch the live-stream while attending in the parking lot, you will note a considerable delay (10-seconds or more) in the playback.
Drive-In Worship this Sunday!
By Rob Reid - Director of Music

Come join us as we worship in the West Parking Lot at 10:00am this Sunday, July 12. We will be led by the Praise and Worship Team singing several songs that amplify Jesus' parable "A Sower Went Out to Sow Seeds:" "Lord, Let My Heart Be Good Soil," "As the Grains of Wheat," "Bring Forth the Kingdom of God" by Marty Haugen, and a new hymn for TLC, No. 508, "As Rain from the Clouds."  And a bonus surprise this Sunday... you THOUGHT you had seen John Rosenow play every instrument imaginable, but come to TLC (or watch the live-stream) to see him debut a New One!

Pastor Ed will preach and share a Time for Children.

After the service, you and yours are invited to bring your own coffee and cookies as we share a time of Socially Distanced Fellowship on the North Lawn (masks required).
Live-Stream Viewer Data
Last Sunday, July 5, 2020
Estimated viewers: 242+
~ ~ ~
121 Media Devices Linked
to TLC Live-Stream on Sunday
~ ~ ~
Media Devices Used
55.1% Computer Desktop/Laptop (Apple & PC)
16.1% Mobile Phone (iPhone & Android)
16.3% Tablet (Apple & PC)
12.5% Smart TV/YouTube app
by Sierra

Reflection was taken by 9 year old Sierra, an ELC Photo Club student. She took it because she liked the way the water and grass looked. She thought they looked like an ocean with an island.
The Sign Said: "Tourists"

When my dad's mom came here from Sweden in the early 1900s, she and her sister didn't expect any handouts, had no sponsors that I know of, and had to find jobs on their own. They were quite inventive and worked hard, learning English as quickly as they could. They settled in Milaca... a mostly Scandinavian town...The church had services in Swedish for years, making immigrants feel “at home” especially on Sundays.

Her sister,“Monie,” was able to buy a grocery store, calling it“Swenson's,” which was her new husband's name. My grandma married too, and they lived in the house right next door to us.

Finding extra cash in different ways than they would have inSweden was fun, and I still remember the sign out front of the house on Highway 169. Now the street is called Central Avenue, and has a large intersection with #23, which goes to St. Cloud. Because of the good location: 169 went up to Mille Lacs Lake, and was crowded with tourists, especially on weekends.

Did you ever stay in a tourist home? They were quite popular for travelers because motels had not been thought of at all. During WWII, the top speed for travel was 35 MPH, even out on the open highways. It took longer to get places, plodding along so slowly that you could count the telephone poles. Owners would make their own sign, “TOURISTS” and folks would stop to spend the night. Simple----just a good, clean bed for the night! Grandma had two extra beds and a bath upstairs, which were rented to teachers during the school year.

Fourth of July was often one of the best for tourists to show up. Each year when traffic was practically at a standstill, Grandma would tell us, “When we were your age, all the car lights coming from the north would be enough, so we didn't need more fireworks.” We'd sit out on lawn chairs, just watching traffic.

The only fireworks we ever had were sparklers....As a kid I was always afraid of the sparks flying, and maybe they aren't made anymore. The look in a kid's eye---kind of apprehensive---as the sparkler gave off quite a show for not a lot of money. (Fireworks that we have now are horribly pricey.) We always
remember the time we went to Southtown in Bloomington and somehow thefireworks burned right up... everything gone, and people drove home again.
Did you get to see a display last Saturday? It's fun, but I've seen enough fireworks through so many years... Still, it might be fun to find a sparkler again.

-Bloomington Bird Lady

Sunday, July 26, 11:30am
You're Invited
~TLC Parking Lot Reception~
A Gathering to Celebrate
Renee Jefferson's Retirement
  • Come to the north lawn of TLC
  • Decorate your car - parade in the parking lot!
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches will be available.
  • Music and fun!
  • An original song parody will be performed.
  • Cards are welcome (in person or mailed to the church).
  • Food donations welcome for VEAP.
  • In the spirit of VBS we bring back the NOISY OFFERING with proceeds benefiting the ELC Playground Fund.
If you have any photos of Renee over the years,
please submit to before July 21.

Restrooms will not be available during this time at TLC.

Face masks are required.

Please practice safe social distancing.
-a continuing series-
By Pastor Al Dungan
Over the past 4 weeks I’ve taken a detour away from my articles on the 3 rd Article of the Apostles’ Creed. It was an important and necessary one as I believed that we needed to take a very serious look at how the murder of George Floyd changed our world. And it has and will continue to do so until we get the whole issue of racism worked out. And that’s going to take some really hard work on our part as white privileged people.

However, I would like to return, for the next few weeks anyway, to another action that changed the world: the development of the Apostles’ Creed that focuses on God the Creator, God the Savior of the world, and God the Spirit who fills us with the power to carry out what we do and believe as Christians.

So…I believe in…the forgiveness of sins.

Now, come on! Isn’t the idea of forgiveness of sins pretty much “old hat”? Whoever uses the word “sin” anymore? Isn’t the idea of sin fairly outdated? We often think of it in relation to good and bad acts on our part. But we need to dig a little deeper if we’re going to honestly confess this part of the Creed.

St. Paul used the word hamartia to describe the “property” of sin. The term was taken from the archery field where if you shot an arrow at the target and missed, it was called hamartia , that is, “missing the mark or missing the target”.

That’s what, I would suggest, is what that “outdated” term sin is about. That is, we intend to do something that is good and right but, because of our humanness, we “miss the mark”. It’s not that we intend do that, but, let’s face it, none of us is a very good archer. It’s only when we practice and practice that we are able to even hit the target, let alone the bulls eye.

It’s very frustrating for me as a disciple of Jesus to recognize that, with all my good intentions, I regularly “miss the mark”. That’s why I believe that I/we need to remind ourselves of this very important part of the Creed.

We do, day after day, intentionally or unintentionally, miss the mark in our relationships with others—all others.

So…sin really isn’t outdated. It really isn’t “old hat”. It is there in my life and yours. And for this rea son we need to acknowledge this daily and ask God to forgive us.
We are not perfect. We will never be perfect on this side of the grave. So we might as well accept this and ask God to forgive us for the intentional and unintentional missing the mark actions that fill our lives.
By Pete Erickson
Interim TLC Youth Minister
TLC Youth Hang Out - Wednesdays at 7:00pm
Calling all TLC youth! H ope you can show up for a Hang Out at 7:00pm. We will play some games, have a devotion and just keep connected to each other. This is a time for 7-12 graders! Here is a recurring link for Wednesday nights. Hope to see you there!
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 927 3741 8476
Password: 110154
~ ~ ~
Adults & Youth

Prayer of Examen - Thursdays at 5:30pm on Zoom
The Prayer of Examen is a regular practice that has 5 steps: prayers for God to open us up to examine the grace in our day, prayers of thanks as we examine the day, looking back on the day and naming where we saw God, looking back on the day and naming where we fell short in our relationships with the world, our vocation and family, examining the day to coming - what are our hopes for tomorrow. This will be a 20 minute exercise each week and all you need is a journal or note pad. THE WHOLE CONGREGATION IS INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PRAYER OF EXAMEN. 
Here is a link to join the weekly event (this is recurring, so this link can be used every week.

Questions? Connect with Pete Erickson )
Back to School
Many students in the Bloomington, Richfield and Edina school districts need help filling their backpacks this fall. Although plans for in-person learning are currently under discussion, students will still need school supplies.

Join VEAP in supporting their academic success by making sure they have the supplies they need for the school year. VEAP will be collecting items JULY 15-30 and distributing to the school districts with the support of local faith communities, businesses and partners. TLC has always donated generously to the Back to School drive. Notebooks, pens/pencils, crayons, markers and BACK PACKS will be needed whether the students are in the classroom or learning on line.

Please consider this need for our own neighbors.
Deliver to VEAP : 9600 Aldrich Avenue South, Bloomington
(Just west of Lyndale Avenue behind White Castle & Wendy's)
Cranberry Punch
By Betty Grandprey

  • 1 quart cranberry juice
  • 1 6oz can frozen orange juice
  • 1 6oz can frozen lemonade
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 8oz bottles ginger ale

Mix together all but the ginger ale. Chill in refrigerator. Before serving, add ice cubes and carefully add two 8oz. bottles of ginger ale.

  • The church building remains closed to gatherings of any size due to the ongoing essential service ministry of the Early Learning Center.

  • Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for funerals, weddings and baptisms. Contact a pastor directly to discuss.

  • Individual access to the building requires prior approval from a staff member, mandatory mask and social distancing protocols.

  • Outdoor gatherings are permitted. Please bring your own lawn chairs. Bathrooms are not available. Masks are recommended.

  • A Covid Leadership Team is being formed to consider the safe expansion of building use.

  • Prayers are highly recommended and sincerely requested as together we seek to adapt and “be the church” in new and vital ways in these ever changing times.
~ ~ ~

While in-person gatherings remain on hold, active ministry continues in a wide variety of forms. The church truly is not a building!

Small groups and ministry teams that have met or are meeting during this time include:

  • Church Council – Zoom
  • Stewardship Team – Outdoors
  • Strategy Team - Zoom
  • Racial Justice Team - Zoom
  • Men’s Golf League – Dwan Golf Course (New location)
  • TLC Staff – Zoom
  • Mission and Outreach Team – Zoom
  • Families with Small Children – in driveways and neighborhoods
  • RIC Ally Team – Zoom
  • Men’s Beer/Bible Group – Zoom
  • Stephen Ministry Team – Zoom
  • Worship Planning Team – Zoom
  • Pastoral Care Team – Zoom
  • New - Intern Pastor Grace’s Bible Study – Zoom
  • Confirmation Small Groups – Zoom
  • Peer Ministers and High Schoolers – Zoom
  • Financial Team – Zoom
  • K3P3 knitters – Parking Lot
  • Library Team – Zoom
  • Property Committee - Zoom
  • TLC Faith, Fact, and Fiction Book Club - Zoom
  • TLC Woodwinds - Google Duo
  • TLC Handbells - Zoom
  • TLC Chancel Choir - Zoom
  • New - TLC Garden Group – Outdoors (Church gardens and landscaping)
  • Addiction Awareness Team – Zoom
  • Welcoming Diversity Team – Parking Lot
  • Dad’s Support Group – Zoom
  • Women’s Café Group – Zoom, Text, Parking Lot
  • Boundary Waters Planning – Zoom
  • Pastoral Visits – Driveways by request

Please let us know if you are interested in connecting with other TLC’ers in any of the ways listed above, or let us know if you have an idea for safely gathering that we can help you put into action.

Also, if you know of an active group that is not listed above, please let us know and we will add to the list!

Hennepin County residents who have been harmed financially by COVID-19 may qualify for emergency rental assistance. Please see the link below, and share with your networks.
Watch the Live-Stream starting at 9:55am Sunday Morning
Visit or click above at the time of broadcast to watch the
live-stream of the service. Programming starts at approximately 9:55am

Also find us on your Smart TV...
Need financial guidance or job transition help during this pandemic time? 

Contact Thrivent Professional, Durk Peterson, to schedule an initial conversation. He can be reached at 612.702.5509, by email at or through his web site:
Conversations on Systemic Racism
Sunday, July 12 & Sunday, July 19, 2020
2:00-3:30pm on Zoom
Join the ASDIC  and FREC (Facilitating Racial Equity Collective) communities as we respond to this historical moment.
In light of the murder of George Floyd and countless police killings of Black and Brown people, the world is reassessing the role of both police and society at large in addressing system-wide and structural racism. We wish to look at what this moment is about, how it connects to America’s history of systemic racism, and the forces that continue to sustain racism in Minnesota and the nation.
With the support of Professor Joe R. Feagin of Texas A&M University, along with Minnesota anti-racist activists and scholars, we will host four 90-minute conversations with guest panelists over the summer, starting next Sunday.
Join us for one or all of these conversations. They're free and open to the public. Learn more and register here.


Since TLC's worship services have gone exclusively online, many of you have signed-up for online giving. . Besides being a great convenience for you, it supports and regulates the church budget.
If you have moved to online giving and normally receive envelopes, please let the church know so we can stop forwarding envelopes.
Please Visit TLC's Memorial Garden
Since 2012, loved ones who had their funeral or memorial service at TLC now have a place and a webpage on our TLC Memorial Garden website. Please visit these saints, honor and remember them; read their obituary, the bulletin and homily, watch the live-stream archive of their service, browse their personal photo album, and, if so inclined, leave a personal message on their page.
Visit soon:
Small Groups
During this time of social distancing ministry is still happening and we want to hear from you! Let's share your stories with the community of TLC. Are y'all meeting? How have you adapted your meetings to keep everyone safe? What projects are you working on? Send a brief description and some photos to and we will share your committee's news on The Weekly.
TLC Phone Extensions Change
Due to staff and office location changes, phone extensions have also been updated.

When calling the church main line, (952-884-2364) and having the auto-attendant answer, simply key-in the extension number at any time during the announcement and you'll be transferred to that phone extension. There is also an option for the auto-attendant to list the extension numbers.
Do you ever need an extra prayer for yourself, a loved one, or a dear friend? TLC has a prayer team that prays often for members, their families and friends of the congregation. Send your prayer requests to or on the TLC website here. Your prayer needs are sent on to the Prayer Team and kept confidential – just between you, the pray-ers, and God. If you would like to be a member of the prayer team, please sign up on the yellow Life@TLC bulletin insert.
July 2020
Exodus Lending began in 2014 with a $50,000 grant at Holy Trinity Church on east Lake Street in Minneapolis. Their non-profit mission is to provide payday loan borrowers a pathway to financial stability.
What They Do
They get Minnesotans out of payday loan debt and back on track financially by enrolling and supporting them in a 0% interest refinance program, lending up to $1,000 to qualified participants.
Why They Do It
They envision a world where all people are free from the cycle of debt caused by predatory lenders. We seek lasting change for the individuals and families, for financial institutions, and for our society.
Exodus Lending Successes

Participant dollars saved

In loans refinanced

Program graduates
Contact Exodus Lending at 612-615-0067 or visit their website at:
Resumes Wednesday nights with Pastor Grace.
Continues each week at 7:00pm
Join Intern Pastor Grace as she re-Zooms Wednesday night Bible Study. Bring your own bibles and let's learn about the interesting and often overlooked characters in our book of faith. 
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 960 1654 7916
Password: 891335
Click and watch right now. There's 24/7 programming representing TLC. Share with friends.
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