How’s Week One of the Reduce Your Plastic Use Challenge going, Plastic Warriors?
We hope you’ve been able to put some items into your on-the-go kit, which will enable you to refuse single–use plastic straws, utensils, bags, and bottles! If you’re still putting your kit together, consider stopping by your local thrift store. We’ve found amazing deals on silverware, cloth napkins, glass jars and other containers on the cheap. One Eco-Cycle staff member put together her kit for less than $5.00 !
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Every week, we’ll send you inspiration for change, so you have more understanding on ” why we’re doing the week’s challenge. This week, our inspiration starts with McDonald's UK and the Queen of England. What do they have in common?

That’s right, all royal estates will be free of straws and plastic bottles, thanks to a rare royal decree issued by Queen Elizabeth II herself. Several British corporations — including McDonald’s UK— have also banned plastic straws.

The United States goes through over 500 million plastic straws every day , along with hundreds of millions of other single-use plastic products. Plastic straws kill marine life, never decomposing completely, but instead breaking into bits of microplastics which eventually enter the food chain.
However, bans on single-use plastics are gaining momentum because communities realize that single-use plastics are a major contributor to the plastics pollution problem. France became the first country in the world to ban plastic plates, cups and utensils, and the City of Vancouver is finalizing a plan to ban four major single-use culprits: hot and cold cups, shopping bags, utensils and straws, and plastic take-out containers citywide.

We make a difference every time we refuse single-use plastics, encourage our friends and family to do the same, ask the businesses we use to join in, and use our collective voices to push for local government action. That’s why our Week One Challenge is to reduce or eliminate “disposable” single-use plastics!
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