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A well-crafted opening statement can open constructive dialogues, build trust and, help to guide negotiations towards settlement. Go to the blog post.
The Costs of Refusing Mediation

Refusing to mediate, where mediation is not mandatory, can be expensive in the end.

I shared this article on LinkedIn as a good reminder that when a refusal to mediate is found to be unreasonable, it may be reflected in costs.
A big thank you to the The Canadian Insurance Claims Manager Association (CICMA) for asking me to speak on April 13th at 1:30 PM about Best Practices for Mediating and Arbitrating Accident Benefits Cases in Ontario.

If you are interested in discussing whether your Accident Benefits claim is right for mediation or having me present a webinar tailored to your organization's needs, please contact me by email at marshall@schnappmediation.com.
Mediation Tip Of The Month / When to move to all in numbers?

Be intentional when you move to all in numbers. Moving too quickly may cut off the discussion prematurely and not allow you to uncover positions and interests.

Go to all in numbers when it will move the negotiations forward and/or break an impasse.

Marshall conducts mediations online, by telephone, and in person when conditions allow.

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