Take Stock in Children Pasco is honored to have been awarded the prestigious 2018 Luminary Award. Throughout Florida, only 8 counties received it. Criteria for Luminary Award recipients is to EXCEED every required target on the state-assigned Balanced Score Card. This includes mentor matching & sessions with scholars. A tremendous THANKS to our incredible mentors for making this possible.
We are in need of a couple good mentors who can serve students at Wiregrass Ranch High School and Pasco High School . If you know of any people like yourself that would love the opportunity to give back to one of our students as a mentor, please contact our Mentor Coordinator, Gina Granger. You can email her at ggranger@pascoeducationfoundation.org or call (813) 794-2134.
Progress Reports will be out on Friday, November 16.

The week of November 19 - 23 schools will be closed and students will be enjoying their Thanksgiving Break. Make sure to plan your mentor sessions accordingly since you'll be losing a week in November.

Click here to view the Pasco County Schools calendar for the 2018-2019 school year.
FAFSA Contest Winner
Congratulations to Mackenzie, a senior at Zephyrhills High School, for being the lucky winner of the $50 Walmart gift card. She was one of 22 students who completed their FAFSA application and forwarded confirmation of completion to our office by October 31. Actually, congratulations are in order for all 22 of the students who entered the contest as they checked one more requirement off their Senior Roadmap list.
Signing in at the School Office with Raptor

It is always a good idea to sign in at the school using the school district's Raptor system. When you give your driver's license to the office personnel and they sign you in, it officially records your visit at the school and also serves as a safety mechanism should there be an issue and they needed to know who all was on campus at any given time.

What if Your Mentee is a No-Show for a Session?

Students in the Take Stock in Children program sign a contract indicating, among many things, that they will meet regularly with their mentor. Of course we all know that sometimes life happens and an emergency situation might prevent them from contacting you in advance, but if this happens more than once it really should be addressed by our office. Students need to keep their end of the bargain. You can simply reach out to our Mentor Coordinator, Gina Granger, and let her know the situation or you could also enter a mentor session log with zero (0) minutes with comments regarding the missed session to help us stay on top of it.

Did You Know?

All logged mentor sessions are reported to the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) which has standards our program must meet, but it is especially important that mentor sessions are timely logged for our Seniors because it is needed for activation of their scholarship.
Go ahead and log that mentor session now! ;)
By now you should have logged at least 6 or 7 mentor sessions with your student. Kudos to the following "Super Mentors" who have already logged 9 or more! Way to go, Mentors!
9 Visits
Carolyn Erickson
Cheryl Ohls
Steven Okun
Antonio Rosario
Dick Sanders
Alan Witt

10 Visits
Don Anderson
Elliot Lorenzi

11 Visits
Cynthia Metcalf
Thanks, Greetings! for being a constant in the life of your mentee that they can count on.