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Week of April 5, 2021
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11 Simple Self-Care Habits for Kids
April 7th is World Health Day! As we continue to manage through a global health crisis, teach your kids that simple acts of self-care can help to maintain resilience.
Kid's Can Be Change Makers | Meet the Helpers
Changemakers can be activists, non-profit workers, volunteers and even kids. Explore the entire Meet the Helpers collection!
Tracy Drain: Flight Systems Engineer
Tracy Drain is a flight systems engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. In this video from Design Squad Nation, Tracy describes her role in making sure all the parts and systems in a spacecraft work as expected.
Theme: Science
Lessons & Activities
Nature Nuggets: A Hummingbird's Nest
Learn about nests and their builders as you observe a hummingbird building its nest. Nature Nuggets are minute-long videos that bring science and animals from PBS’s award-winning series NATURE to early childhood classrooms.
Shifting Shadows (Gr K-3)
Explore how the position of the Sun in the sky affects shadows on Earth’s surface in this live-action video from PEEP and the Big Wide World. Use the video to observe evidence of the relationship between the Sun and shadows and to describe how the position of the Sun in the sky results in changes in the size and direction of shadows.
The Sun | Science Trek
(Gr 4-6)
The sun is a medium sized dwarf star in the Milky Way galaxy and it is what fuels all life on our planet. Find out how the sun was formed, what its layers are, and how it impacts life here on Earth.