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KSPS PBS Early Learning Newsletter (PreK-5)
Week of January 11, 2021
KSPS is here to support your at-home and distance learning needs with our weekly set of educational resources.
ELLO (Everyday Language and Learning Opportunities) Math: This new collection of early math resources, developed by local Spokane community organizations, is a great way to integrate math learning into everyday routines.
Theme: Math
Lessons & Activities
Verbal Counting, Learning Digits | Let's Learn (PreK)
In this video, teacher Tanya Coupet explores the numbers 1-10. She shows different ways to count numbers 1-10 verbally, write the numbers 1-10, and use objects to represent the numbers 1-10.
Two Quarts of Blob - Odd Squad (Gr K-2)
This video and activity sheet from Odd Squad will help children learn the measurable attributes of liquids in quarts and gallons.

Balancing Number Sentences to Introduce Missing Values (Gr 3-5)
Children will learn about balancing equations and keeping an equation balanced by adding/subtracting the same amount to both sides of the equation with this resource.