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Weekly At-Home Learning Newsletter
August 17, 2020 - August 21, 2020
The mission of KSPS is to provide on-air, online and multimedia programs that entertain, engage and educate all the communities we serve.
WEBINAR: Preparing for a Very Different School Year (August 18 @ 12:30 PDT)
Parents have tough questions about this school year. Join PBS KIDS for a live, virtual conversation with strategies on how to support social and emotional growth and academic learning for children. Register free.
WEBINAR: Supporting New Routines with Digital Tools and Media (August 22, 10:00-12:30 PDT)
PBS, in partnership with Edcamp Community by Digital Promise, is bringing educators of children from PreK–12th grade together for a national conversation about media integration and digital tools for the new school year and new routines. Sessions will cover a variety of participant-proposed topics and will conclude with a certificate of completion. Register free.
How to Help Your Child Successfully Transition Back to School
The re-opening of some childcare centers and schools has parents both ecstatic and anxious. Here are 10 tips form PBS Parents to ease your child's transition back to school.
Theme: Math & Engineering
Support children's learning of math and engineering concepts through these variety of hands-on and digital resources.
Fill It Up! (PreK)
The purpose of this PBS KIDS Lab activity is to help children compare different containers and how much liquid they hold (capacity), guess (estimate) and then measure to find out. This activity is also available in Spanish.
Tower Time (Gr K-2)
Children will explore structural science and work on stacking a tall, stable tower in this building activity.

Temperature Scavenger Hunt (Gr 3-5)
This Cyberchase at-home activity, available in English and Spanish, allows students to explore how different things can make a place hotter or colder.
Seven Surface Tension Experiments (Gr 6-12)
Surface tension holds the surface molecules of liquids tightly together and makes for some fun experiments!
Peg + Cat Games
Engage children in a variety of math concepts with this collection of Peg + Cat Games.
Cyberchase Printable Activities
These assortment of activities, crafts, and DIY projects from Cyberchase will engage students in fun math learning.
PBS KIDS Measure Up! App
In PBS KIDS Measure Up!, children ages 3 to 5 learn early math concepts focused on length, width, capacity, and weight while going on an adventure through Treetop City, Magma Peak, and Crystal Caves.