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July 13, 2020 - July 17, 2020
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Theme: Science
With these simple activities, games, and experiments, it's easy to do science with your kids! Here are easy activities around nature, the weather, engineering, and more.
News & Articles
Why Are People Wearing Masks? Answering Your Child's Questions
When children ask questions that are difficult to answer, like those surrounding the pandemic, it’s best to answer them simply in language they understand.
Encouraging Nature Play 
Authentic play fuels healthy brain development and is foundational to learning. Here are a few tips to help foster creativity, imagination, problem-solving and so many more developmental benefits through outdoor play.
Top 10 Tips for Engaging Young Children in Science
You don’t have to be The Cat in the Hat to help children learn “a lot about that!” Here are some tips that will help you and your child be scientists and find out more about the world around you, just like Nick and Sally do on The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!®.
Build Your Own Volcano (PreK-1)
Volcanoes are openings in the earth’s surface that sometimes shoot out very hot rock, smoke, and ash. Help your child understand how a volcano forms and what causes it to erupt in this classic “science fair” experiment.
Make an Oobleck (Gr PreK-1)
Making oobleck is a great science and sensory project combined into one. After combining cornstarch and water, dip your hands into this non-Newtonian fluid, fluid that acts like a solid and a liquid at the same time.
Fetch! Science Activities: What's the Buzz? (Gr 1-6)
Discover how sound is made up of vibrations! This activity illustrates how to make an instrument that anyone can play ⁠— a kazoo — with just a few household materials.
Illuminating Earth Over a Year | Interactive Lesson (Gr 3-5)
Summer is a great time to learn about seasonal patterns! In this lesson, students work with data that represents changing daylight times, and consider the Earth–Sun relationship to explain opposite seasons in the hemispheres.
Amelia Earhart | Aviator, Record-breaker, and Activist (Gr 3-7)
H ave you ever taken a risk for something you love to do? Students explore this question and others through an examination of Amelia Earhart’s passion for flying and groundbreaking career as a female aviator. 
Play and Learn Engineering
Explore and learn engineering concepts with games that grow with your child. Design machines and roller coasters, build towers with robots, and problem solve through an obstacle course. Learn STEM concepts with your child as they experiment with simple engineering tools.
Outdoor Family Fun with Plum
Get ready for some Outdoor Family Fun with Plum! This app offers daily activities that will get your family outside, exploring your neighborhood and learning about nature.
Splash and Bubbles for Parents
SPLASH AND BUBBLES FOR PARENTS is an app that provides families with conversation starters, videos, and activities to explore ocean science together.
PBS KIDS Read-Alongs
Every week, celebrities and PBS KIDS authors are reading aloud their favorite books on the PBS KIDS' Facebook page and YouTube channel . Watch them all again here and find fun activities for the whole family to do!
KSPS Virtual Read-Alongs
Find virtual read-alongs from Washington-based librarians, teachers, and community members.
Searching for book recommendations? Look no further! Here are curated collections of books for any topic for your family: science, math, humor, holidays and more. And keep track of all the books you read with this chart .
Calgary Philharmonic - An Orchestra Adventure: Playful Percussion
In this orchestra adventure, children will explore the percussion section of the Calgary Philharmonic (triangle, cymbals, timpani, bass drum, and more!) and enjoy a special visit from Music Director Rune Bergmann.