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Weekly At-Home Learning Newsletter
September 8 - September 11, 2020
KSPS is here to support your at-home and distance learning needs with our weekly set of educational resources.
Each week, for grades PreK/K and 1 & 2, we'll be sharing a bilingual (English & Spanish) “Learn Along” Bingo Packet that includes a range of thematic learning opportunities for children. You'll find printables that require minimal supplies or adult facilitation. This week's theme focuses on nature and observation sills.
Grades PreK & K
Grades 1 & 2
Looking for a creative back to school or at-home project? Give students (PreK-12) a unique opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas about their life during the pandemic by participating in the International Corona Multimedia Showcase. Entries due October 9.
Theme: Math
Lessons & Activities
How Many Colors? - Curious George (PreK)
This activity will help children count objects, collect data and make a chart, and recognize different colors as well. Also available in Spanish.
Peg + Cat Counting by Tens Song (Gr K-2)
In this clip from Peg + Cat, Ramone and Peg sing a song about counting by 10's. Support materials include a hands-on activity and teaching guide.

How Clocks Work (Gr 3-5)
Students are exposed to a variety of time pieces as well as the elements necessary to keep track of time in this lesson from Cyberchase.
Addition of Positive and Negative Integers (Gr 6-8)
This video focuses on addition of positive and negative numbers through the use of a card game. Support materials include a "Solving Word Problems" activity sheet and a teaching guide.
Equivalent Expressions Using Exponents (Gr 9-12)
This interactive exercise focuses on positive and negative exponents. Students will combine exponents, recognize patterns and work toward determining a rule. Support materials include practice problems and a teaching guide.
Curious George's Busy Day (Gr PreK-1)
Kids will have fun exploring numbers and counting through these 16 games featuring Curious George. Also available in Spanish.
Odd Squad At-Home Activities (Gr K-3)
Engage children in a variety of math concepts through this collection of hands-on activities from Odd Squad.