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Weekly At-Home Learning Newsletter
September 14 - September 18, 2020
KSPS is here to support your at-home and distance learning needs with our weekly set of educational resources.
Enjoy this week's Learn Along Bingo Packet that includes a range of thematic learning opportunities for children to use in conjunction with children's educational programming from the PBS KIDS 24/7 Channel. This week's theme: My Family
Grades PreK & K
Grades 1 & 2
Edible Aquifer in a Cup: Help children learn more about the Spokane aquifer through this hands-on (and edible!) activity.
Meet the Helpers: With this video from WUCF, a PBS member station in Florida, children learn more how fire-fighters and community helpers help keep us safe during fire emergencies.
Theme: Science
Lessons & Activities
Clouds and Weather | Everyday Learning (PreK)
This video, featuring original stop-motion animation, is a fun way for children to learn about different types of clouds and their relationship to weather.
Meet the Helpers | Firefighters are Helpers (Gr K-2)
Help students dive deeper into a firefighter's career and learn how this helper assists in emergency situations.

Wildfire | Science Trek (Gr 3-5)
In this video series, students will learn about wildfires, how they spread, and how firefighters use weather, geology, and science to fight fires.
Measuring Variability Through Tracking Wildfires (Gr 6-8)
In this interactive, students will learn about wildfires in the western US using an interactive map profiling active fires and graphs depicting historical data.
The Physics of Large Wildfires | Inside the Megafire (Gr 9-12)
Students will explore the chemistry and physics phenomena that contribute to intensifying large wildfires, like the one that devastated the California town of Paradise in 2018, in this video from NOVA.