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June 22, 2020 - June 26, 2020
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Theme: Space
Who doesn’t dream of jetting off into space? While it’s only astronauts that get to soar among the stars, we can still have fun exploring the solar system here on Earth. We have activities, books, games and plenty of ideas for a little space exploration right from your own home! 
Engineer a Rocket Ship
Using paper and string, your child will create a pulley system that sends a gliding rocket ship soaring through space.
My Moon Journal
Look up at the moon each night and draw what you and your child see.
Create Flashlight Constellations
Whether viewing them in the night sky, at a planetarium or as projections onto your bedroom ceiling, looking up at the stars can be relaxing. In this activity, your child will observe stars and see how these points of light can be grouped together to form pictures. 
Make a Galaxy in a Jar
Our solar system — which includes the sun, Earth and seven other planets — is part of the Milky Way galaxy. Explore the wonders that make up our galaxy by recreating its beauty in a bottle.
Twinkle Twinkle Letter Stars
Astronomers, the scientists who study stars, have divided the night sky into 88 official constellations.Now you can create constellations in your home – while also teaching alphabet skills!
Planet Mercury Coloring Page
Planet Earth Coloring Page

Planet Mars Coloring Page

Planet Uranus Coloring Page
Ready Jet Go! Space Explorer
Kids can explore the solar system and visit planets, stars and constellations with Jet and his friends. Ready, Jet, Go, Excelsior!
Jet's Bot Builder
Jet is building a robot that can travel across different terrains to collect resources. Progress through levels to unlock new features and parts to build a robot.
Jet's Rocket Ship Creator
Your child can build a rocket ship by choosing the pieces to complete missions to different planets in space.
Christian Robinson Reads You Matter
Join author and illustrator, Christian Robinson, in a very special reading of his book, "You Matter!"
KSPS Virtual Read-Alongs
Find virtual read-alongs from Washington-based librarians, teachers, and community as well as select PBS KIDS read-alongs.