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Week of June 7, 2021
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Make An Ice Sculpture
Chill out this summer with a Molly Of Denali inspired ice sculpture craft! Kids will observe how temperature affects water while having fun experimenting with ice.
Our Family Recipe
Summer is a great time to start a new family tradition! The key is to make it simple and not stressful, like recording a family recipe.
Make a Wild Bee Hotel!
Mason bees pollinate many kinds of plants, including peaches, plums, and cherries. Yum! In the wild, they live alone in small holes made by other animals or in other narrow tube-like openings, such as hollow stems. Build your own wild bee hotel to provide an option for wild bees to take shelter!
Theme: Math
Lessons & Activities
How to Solve a Story Problem
Your child came home from school today and insisted, “No! You have to do RDWW!” How do you even respond to that?! Not to worry! This will help. RDWW is a memory tool used by elementary teachers to help children solve story problems, or word problems.
Using a Number Bond to Show Subtraction
(Gr 1-3)
Number bonds show part, part, whole. Your child will use number bonds to solve take-away problems.
Percentages in Basketball | Cyberchase
(Gr 4-6)
In this video segment from TV411, a WNBA coach and one of her players talk about attendance at their games. They use fractions and percentages to analyze the shooting results after they play a game of one-on-one. Then they use these same math ideas to correlate the number of fans to the percentage of the arena that is filled.