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Week of August 30th, 2021
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How to Handle a Tough First Day of School
Kids bring so many emotions to the first week of school: excitement and fear, wonder and worry. So when something goes wrong — from someone mispronouncing their name to not understanding the directions, from missing home to dropping their lunch on the floor — it can feel overwhelming.
Meet the Helpers | Scientists are Helpers: Vaccine
Vaccines are part of our daily lives and conversations now. Learn how Scientists and vaccines keep us healthy.
Download, print and complete this coloring sheet to start a conversation about vaccines.
Labor Day | All About the Holidays
Did you know Labor Day was established as a federal holiday in 1894? Learn about the history of Labor Day with "All About the Holidays"!
Theme: Literacy
Lessons & Activities
I Wouldn't Tell a Lie
In this online book from the International Children's Digital Library, Monty the raccoon lies, breaking the trust his friend, Fritz the rabbit, had in him.
Enjoy this music-making storybook lesson with a very musical kindergartner named Violet. Practice retelling a story using characters, setting and key details. Vote for your favorite musical videos and make your own instruments at home!
Activity Starters | Clifford
Be deliberate when inviting your student to watch a PBS KIDS show. These resources can help by adding meaningful conversation and easy activities to their experience.