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Week of June 21, 2021
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Parenting Minutes | WNET
KSPS is honored to be one of six PBS stations across the nation selected to engage local parents and caregivers around Parenting Minutes, an early learning initiative from partner station WNET New York aimed at providing simple, research-based strategies that promote social and emotional development in young children. 
Juneteenth | All About the Holidays
Each June we celebrate the end of slavery in the United States in 1865. Across the country, family and friends gather to celebrate and learn more about the history and experience of African Americans before and after slavery.
Nature Cat | DIY | Daisy's Garden Corner
Create your own mini garden! Plant some seeds and watch them grow. This DIY will show kids how to grow their one plant in a can, or jar and watch the plant sprout from seed to flower!
Theme: Math
Lessons & Activities
Happy Camel Digital Game | Peg + Cat
This game from Peg + Cat will help children learn measureable attributes. Queen Cleopatra's camel Epidermis lost his toys in his food. Can you help the Queen find them? Use the balance scale to measure weight and compare weight measurements.
Pattern Recognition | Cyberchase Games
(Gr 1-3)
Identify the patterns using addition, subtraction and geometry to solve the puzzle and crack Hacker's code in this Cyberchase game.
Determining Surface Area with Unit Blocks
(Gr 4-6)
Use your spatial reasoning skills to calculate the surface area when given a 3D figure. This video focuses on a right rectangular prism and shows you how unit blocks can help you visualize, then calculate the surface area.