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Hi, we're networking(ish)!
I started these emails a few years ago as a fun and quick way of connecting with a lot of important people to me. A simple concept really: add some value, don't sell...just a light touch to say hi periodically. Never did I imagine it would become what it is today, my only means of networking with you all. Of course, like you, I miss our professional circle as it was only a few weeks ago. But this experience has provided some perspective. And a reminder that we are so lucky to do business in Maine. 

It's been rewarding to see local businesses, small and large, supporting one another as best we can. Whether it's Great Diamond Partners fundraising for Good Shepard Food Bank, the Chamber's Pay It Forward campaign, the gift card/restaurant directory site WeAreMaineStrong, the Sea Dogs selling tee-shirts for United Way, clients of ours literally changing their business overnight for the greater good and dozens of other examples out there... I am proud to see what's happening in the business community.
From my seat, I am starting to see some semblance of normalcy. To be clear, I do not mean normal market conditions. Most of our deals are being delayed and extended. Demand has certainly slowed and we are bracing for some new, unexpected vacancies. By "normal" I mean reasonable conversations are being had and long-term planning is being considered. This is in contrast to two weeks ago when we were in full WTF-is-happening mode. I shared my thoughts with MaineBiz last week on what it means to run a virtual office and what some long-term trends could come of this. And, for those interested, SIOR has created a helpful single page resource for all things Covid-19 as it pertains specifically to commercial real estate.
But, on a higher level, I think we're all learning that we can and should continue to do business during this time. Remember when Lorne Michaels asked Rudy Giuliani "can we be funny" on the first SNL after 9/11? It feels like we're getting to that point. Can we keep living and working in this new norm? I am confident the answer is yes.  
Anyways, this is the part where I would outline some cool events coming up and encourage you to attend. So.... I guess I'll just cut this one short. 

I hope you are safe and well. I genuinely can't wait to see you again.
Truly yours,

Justin Lamontagne, CCIM, SIOR
Partner | Designated Broker
NAI The Dunham Group
PS - If you are new to this distribution list, please note that I have specifically added you because I consider you a "connector". I am sensitive to spam and am careful to only email what I think you'll find interesting and/or beneficial to your business. 
"Connectors are the people who link us up with the world... people with a special gift for bringing the world together. They are a handful of people with a truly extraordinary knack for making friends and acquaintances".
-Malcolm Gladwell
"The Tipping Point"

Justin Lamontagne, CCIM, SIOR  
Partner | Designated Broker
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