A Dollar A Day Impact Report | July 5th, 2018
Photo: BT Toronto co-hosts Devo Brown and Dina Pugliese speak with A Dollar A Day founders Alan, Brendan and Andrew about the Foundation and the importance of sharing the change for mental health and addictions in Canada

With your support, we have come a long way in the five months since we launched! Thank you for joining us on this journey - together our dollars will make a difference!
We were encouraged by the response to Alan's Birthday wish! Thank you - it means so much! You have made a difference by sharing the change for mental health and addictions services!

June was a busy month for our Founders. Brendan was i nducted into the Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame, Alan prepared to embark on the next leg of his "Come Out With Me" tour, and Andrew received the IABC-NL's Excellence for Organizational Leaders award at the recent Pinnacle Awards Gala. Despite their very busy schedules they are dedicated and committed to leading A Dollar A Day to make a vast difference on the front lines of mental health and addictions.
June was also a month to recognize "Men's Mental Health Awareness Day", an important day to help normalize the conversation and reduce stigma associated with men's mental health. Learn more here.

While the conversation is changing, we still have work to do. The recent news of celebrity deaths by suicide has been heartbreaking for all of us. It has also been a solemn reminder that mental illness does not discriminate. Remember, no one is alone and help is available out there.

We truly thank you for choosing to support mental health and addictions, one dollar at a time. It is important. It is valued. And, it WILL make a difference!
Photo: Some of the donations received from fans during Alan Doyle's Come Out With Me tour
A glimpse of your support during Alan's ongoing tour! As Alan rightly says- "Every bit goes a long long way"
Mental health problems and related stigma negatively impact young people’s success at school and in all areas of their lives. Substance use and self-injury are common and harmful coping strategies for youth managing unresolved pain. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people.

The HEADSTRONG program from the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) was launched in November 2014 to change the way youth think about mental health, forever. Canada’s only evidence-based national initiative, HEADSTRONG gives youth the tools, confidence and motivation to Be Brave, Reach Out, and Speak Up for mental health in their own schools and communities.
After over 70 youth Summits across the country and more than 10,000 evaluation surveys, HEADSTRONG is making a difference; to the youth who have handed over their suicide notes after listening to their inspirational lived-experience speakers, and to the schools who report the positive energy that affects all their students.

We're proud to have chosen HEADSTRONG as one of our charter causes to support financially.To learn more click here
Spreading the word about ADAD and how everyone can be a part of this movement...
Photos: The A Dollar A Day Team meeting with Rick Brace of Rogers Media and Alan Doyle speaking with Sportnet 590 The Fan during a recent trip to Toronto, ON.
Our founders are travelling the length and breadth of Canada to spread the word about the need for funding for front line mental health and addiction programs, including a recent stop in Toronto, ON. Alan, Andrew and Brendan were fortunate to have an opportunity to speak with various media, through the support of Rogers Communications, including the hosts of Breakfast Television Toronto, to talk about the mission of A Dollar A Day. It was a great day!

Click here to watch the team speak with BT Toronto

Click here to listen to Alan speak with Bob McCown on Sportsnet 590

Click here to watch Alan's interview with Cityline

The Team also attended corporate meetings where they had engaging discussions on mental health and addictions, and the opportunity to support A Dollar A Day! We're looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead!
The road ahead...
Every bit counts, and the more dollars front line mental health and addictions programs receive, the bigger the impact on our community. Everyone gives a little and together our voices become a strong, collective voice for change in how society views mental health and addictions.

Thank you for your dollar a day and for lending your voice to share the change for mental health. 
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