A Dollar A Day Impact Report | September 2018
Photo: Staff from Avalon Holographics pose with Alan after the Concert in The Courtyard . Read more below...
September is a beautiful month here in Newfoundland and Labrador! It is a busy time with summer break behind us and children heading back to school, and many volunteer activities gearing up for another year ahead.
This is also the time of year when we refocus on our work and personal goals and make plans for the year to come. We are working hard and putting plans in place to grow our organization to support programs on the front lines of mental health and addictions. We’ve had success and we’re excited to see what we can achieve when more of us work together to make real change happen. We respectfully ask you to join our social movement and become a Dollar-A-Dayer .
We hope you will join us on this important journey.
All the best,
Brendan, Alan & Andrew
Photo: A Dollar-A-Dayer proudly displaying their window sticker.  
"I am a Dollar-A-Dayer"
We sent our donors a special surprise recently - window stickers! This is our small way of saying THANK YOU for the huge amount of support we have received. We know our Dollar-A-Dayers will display them with pride!
 And thank you to everyone who has shared their photos on social media – keep them coming – we love to hear from you! 
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Our friend, and proud Dollar-A-Dayer Mark Critch wants to help us say thank you to our new Dollar-A-Dayers !

Sign up to give monthly, quarterly, or annually to the A Dollar A Day Foundation before end of day on October 31 st /18 and we’ll send you an autographed copy of Mark’s upcoming book, Son of a Critch as our thanks to you!

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Mark Critch, Dollar-A-Dayer, in his video showing his support for mental health and addictions care. Click to watch Mark's video!
Music & Mission in the Tower Campus Courtyard
Thanks to G.J. Cahill, St. John's, NL, for inviting Alan to participate in their lunchtime Concert in The Courtyard series, and giving him an opportunity to share the Foundation's mission! It was a great day!
And, thank you to all who signed up to be Dollar-A-Dayers!
Alan singing to employees at G.J. Cahill. Click to watch our video!
Photo: Brendan accepting a donation of $1,500 from members of the St. John's East Kinsmen Club
Building Community
During the 200 th  Royal St. John's Regatta, the Kinsmen Club of St. John's East hosted a fundraiser supporting community charities. We are very grateful that they selected A Dollar A Day as one of their charities of choice.
Recently, Brendan attended their Club meeting to accept the proceeds and say THANK YOU for their tremendous support!
Partnering for Improved Health and Safety
We all know that mental health is an important part of overall health and safety, so we were very pleased to be invited to speak at the Nalcor Energy Safety Summit recently. Thank you to the management and staff for listening to our mission, and including us in this important day.

And, thank you to everyone at Nalcor who has signed up to be a Dollar-A-Dayer !
Photo: Alan and Andrew speak with Nalcor Energy employees during their recent Safety Summit
Mental health problems and related stigma can negatively impact young people’s success at school and in all areas of their lives. That is why we have chosen to support the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s HEADSTRONG program! Through the support of our Dollar-A-Dayers, we will contribute to their ongoing efforts to change the way youth thing about mental health and create real change for students across our country.
The MHCC HEADSTRONG program was launched in Nov 2014 to change the way youth think about mental health, forever. Through their HEADSTRONG Summits, the program gives youth the tools, confidence and motivation to Be Brave, Reach Out, and Speak Up for mental health in their own schools and communities.
A HEADSTRONG Summit is a daylong youth anti-stigma event where groups of student leaders and teachers from many regional schools come together. They hear inspiring testimonials from people with lived experience of mental health problems, challenge their own stereotypes and create a plan for what they can do to combat stigma in their own schools. Learn more
On our way to the 100 Cent Goal!
Our goal is simple.You give a dollar and every cent of it goes directly to help with Mental Health and Addictions. 100%.
To make this a reality, we are committed to working with corporate partners who will contrib ute to our operational costs, helping us move closer and closer to our 100 cent goal! We've been busy me eting with like-minded organizations who share a desire to make real change happen and look forward to sharing some exciting news with you in the coming months! Stay tuned...
Photo: Alan and Brendan with Karen from Scotiabank
Thank you to the team at Scotiabank for another great conversation about putting more money on the front lines of mental health care - we look forward to great things to come!
Photo: Brendan and Alan with Mark and Sarah from RSA Canada
Thank you to the wonderful team at RSA Canada for taking the time to learn about our mission during our recent trip to Toronto. We love talking with companies, like RSA Canada, who make mental health a priority!
Let’s Get Social!
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As we continue to grow, we’re asking for your help! Our goal is to have everyone join together to Share the Change for Mental Health, so we’re asking you and your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to join our movement!
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