A Dollar A Day Impact Report | October 2018
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October is a great time to reflect on all that we are thankful for - our donors and supporters, the amazing organizations who are working hard to make real change happen for those impacted by mental illness and addictions, those who are changing the way we talk and think about mental health, and those with lived experience who have shared their stories.

It is also a great time to look forward. Our Dollar-A-Dayers are paving the road for better mental health and addictions care services all across Canada, and we respectfully ask you to consider joining our social movement and become a Dollar-A-Dayer today!
Thank you for believing in our mission, and the importance of mental health and addictions care. Change is possible.
All the best,
Brendan, Alan & Andrew
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Mark Critch, Dollar-A-Dayer, in his video showing his support for mental health and addictions care. Click to watch Mark's video!
Gratitude and Mental Health
We're incredibly grateful for all of the support we have received so far. But, did you know gratitude is also important for your mental health?

Check our this article from Psychology Today by Amy Morin, 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude to learn more...
A Little Parking Meter Change for Mental Health
In our video "About A Dollar A Day" our Founder, Alan, poses the question "A dollar. What is it?...A little change for the parking meter?"

We're taking that idea to the streets! Well, sort of... Watch for our upcoming Parking Meter Campaign to raise awareness of the Foundation, and the need for more funds on the front lines of mental health and addictions care.

Together, we can #ShareTheChange4MH
We're Thankful for our Charter Causes!
Thrive's Street Reach is a grassroots outreach service that has been operating in the downtown core of St. John’s, NL since 2005. The program is guided by the principle of harm reduction and has two main components – outreach, and individual support. 

Over the past several years, the program has supported over 1200 participants who count on us for their basic needs, sense of belonging, and the real support they receive. 

CMHA's Living Life to the Full is an eight-session, 12-hour, evidence-based mental health promotion course. It is designed to help people deal with everyday life challenges by learning teaching better self-management skills using cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) concepts and techniques.

Participants are taught how to deal with their feelings when fed up, worried or hopeless, and learn skills to help them tackle life’s problems
The Salvation Army Harbour Light has been a place of new beginnings in the downtown eastside of Vancouver for almost 65 years.

In the midst of the opioid crisis, Harbour Light’s residential addiction treatment program offers a structured, progressive program that creates the recovery capital necessary to build a solid foundation for long-term sobriety and recovery.

Harbour Light employees are an active testament to the efficacy of their addiction treatment program – over 35% are alumni of the program!
Mental health problems and related stigma negatively impact young people’s success at school and in all areas of their lives. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people.

The HEADSTRONG program from the Mental Health Commission of Canada was launched in Nov. 2014, to change the way youth think about mental health, forever. HEADSTRONG gives youth the tools, confidence and motivation to Be Brave, Reach Out, and Speak Up for mental health in their own schools and communities.
Let’s Get Social!
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As we continue to grow, we’re asking for your help! Our goal is to have everyone join together to Share the Change for Mental Health, so we’re asking you and your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to join our movement!
Photo: Founders Andrew, Alan and Brendan at the Rogers Sportsnet Strategy Room set during their visit to Toronto, ON
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