Your weekly Enews from
First United Methodist Church Hampton
Sunday, Jan 6, 2019
Epiphany of the Lord
Worship with Communion

Looking Farther
Than You Can See
Rev. Candee Martin

Fri Jan 4
No scheduled activities

Sat Jan 5
No scheduled activities

Sun Jan 6 – Epiphany of the Lord
8:30 am      Fellowship (FH)
9:00 am      Sunday School
10:00 am    Worship
w/ communion (S)

Mon Jan 7
6:00 pm     UMW Circle 10 (FH)
7:00 pm UMW Circle 2
(Carol Gardner's)

Tue Jan 8
10:00 am     Nifty Crafters (CFR)
6:00 pm       Fitness Yoga (FH)

Wed Jan 9
10:00 am     UMW Circle 1
(Meg Moore's)
11:30 am      UMW Circle 4
6:30 pm SPRC (P)

Thu Jan 10
10:00 am    Gentle Yoga (FH)
6:00 pm      Sine Nomine
Ringers (CR)
6:15 pm      Handbell Choir (CR)
7:15 pm      Chancel Choir (S)

Fri Jan 11
No scheduled activities

Sat Jan 12
8:00 am       Breakfast and
Bible Study (FH)
8:00 am       UMW Circle 9
                   (Bea Ashley’s)

Sun Jan 13
8:30 am       Fellowship (FH)
9:00 am       Sunday School
10:00 am     Worship (S)
12:00 pm Parking Lot
reserved for HPO
The 2018 FUMC Advent Team expresses their heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in or contributed to the Advent observances. We can’t say thank you enough to express our appreciation!

Just as Shakespeare said, “ I can no other answer make, but, thanks and thanks,” we, too, say thanks and thanks, and thanks again! Your support enhanced a most joyous season in our church and we appreciate it so very much! You helped us celebrate the birth of the Christ Child and the divine purpose that it serves in the life of our church! God gives us a gift each day of 86,400 seconds. An enormous thank you for your willingness to use His gift to celebrate His life. Rejoice! You brought a little bit of heaven to earth during Advent! And for this, not only the Advent Team, but we all say, thank you, thank you, thank you!
May God bless you!
The 2018 FUMC Advent Team
Midge Eason, Ann Gordan Evans, Linda Marushi, Carolyn Slye
Fantastic Food Drive!   You truly answered God's calling during the HELP food drive.  We delivered 57 bags that were filled to the brim, and much appreciated!  You have made such a difference for those in need, and please continue to uplift them in your prayers. (Missions Committee).  
Many thanks to all who remembered me this Christmas with your cards and gifts. A special thanks to my Choir family for your most generous gift.
Peace, Love and Blessings,