New Catalog for Riserless, IP and SIP Systems

Elvox IP components can be mixed with the Riserless gateway to build a system of virtually any complexity:
  • Smart phone operation with no recurring fee
  • Audio/video communication from the entry panel(s) to 5 smart devices per apartment
  • Entry door lock control from your smart device 
  • No equipment or wiring in apartments.
  • Entry panels can use push buttons and/or electronic directories
  • Each Gateway allows for 100 apartments
  • Up to 16 gateways per system
  • Uses standard Elvox Video Door App
System Examples
  • Communicate with Concierge and/or visitors from smartphones and tablets
  • l
  • Mix and match hardwired and Riserless apartment stations in the same system.

  • Concierge Operation
  • Create an Audio Video Entry system without infrastructure wiring.

  • View IP Cameras - Remote relay Control for access, lighting and/or elevator control

  • Unlimited Entry Panels

New Web Portal assigns power and control for the Installer, System Administrator and the Users
Design your own panel using pixel components. Use standard pixel parts to create push buttons and/or electronic directories and keypads to meet the project requirements.


41006 IP electronic unit for Pixel and Pixel Heavy audio video entry panel

  • Color camera with wide-angle lens,
  • Automatic lighting adjustment
  • Echo cancellation
  • Automatic sound balancing
  • Automatic speaker and microphone level control
  • T-coil transmitter for hearing aids
  • 4 back-lit call buttons
  • Dusk/dawn lighting control
  • Call status indicator LED,
  • Voltage output for electrical lock
  • Input for connecting Request to Exit or a door status sensor
  • PoE powered
Pixel lP A/V entrance panel
K41007.01 Complete 1 button panel with 1 loaded and activated AV License

K41007.02 Complete 2 button panel with 2 loaded and activated AV Licenses
Pixel Heavy IP A/V entrance panel
K41007.03 Complete 1 button panel with 1 loaded and activated AV License

K41007.04 Complete 2 button panel with 2 loaded and activated AV Licenses
Pixel Up IP A/V entrance panel
40415.S Flush Stainless Steel Pixel Up SIP A/V color entrance panel with keypad, display and electronic contacts list, complete with flush mounting box
IP concierge Station

Browser based concierge staion allows for complete communication from one or more locations to residents on their smart phone.

Residents can make and receive calls to the concierge station(s)
Audio/video license for SIP devices

40692 Single license
40692.10 package of 10 licenses
40692.50 package of 50 licenses
40692.100 package of 100 licenses
40692.200 package of 200 licenses  

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