April 21, 2020 Part II - Vol 136 No 137

It is my job to bring to you the current up-to-date information needed so that you can make your own judgement calls– Remember, Knowledge is Power. 

Once again, I want to remind everyone that due to the COVID-19 situation, the NTA staff are all working remotely and are NOT in the OFFICE. Stay Safe Out There!

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FMCSA Expand COVID-19 Waiver to Accommodate CDL Skills Tests
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has expanded its COVID-19 emergency declaration to allow examiners to conduct commercial driver license skills tests without being physically in the truck, using such technologies as in-cab cameras, online testing and cellphones.

FMCSA said in an April 13 announcement that in light of the COVID-19 emergency and the need to comply with social-distancing guidelines while ensuring continued movement of supplies and equipment, states may leverage certain technologies. Bluetooth, in-cab cameras and cellphones may be used to administer the CDL skills tes t   ....
Why do trucking spot rates change daily?
Lately, I have received many emails in regards to the low rates and now in April a drop in the volume of freight and that many brokerage companies have dropped their rates to pre-1990’s levels. That many loads are only paying a dollar a mile or less and it is making it difficult to get the trucks back to the home terminals. So I decided to do a little digging into this matter and found out it is rather complex.

First, U.S. Freight volumes dived 9.2% in March as coronavirus-driven shutdowns tanked...
NTA Business Loans on Hold
Effective March 20, 2020 NTA Loan programs have been paused until further notice. An exception is our  SBA Express loan  which is a federal loan program. Please read the SBA Express loan requirements before applying since this loan requires full financials and a minimum credit score of 670. 

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Tax filing deadline extended to July 15
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