If you live in an unincorporated area in Miami-Dade county, your local Communiy Council (CC) is the group that hears zoning requests in your area. There are 10 of these Community Councils, each one consisting of 6 elected and 1 appointed member. These folks, who receive no pay, are tasked with
making zoning and land use decisions, and meet in an accessible location within the area so that residents can easily attend and voice their opinions. Community Councils also serve as advisory liaisons from their communities to the Board of County Commissioners and County staff, relaying relevant information and recommendations on selected concerns of the council area. They also make recommendations to the County Commission on capital, programming and operational priorities for municipal services such as police, parks, fire and roadway maintenance in their area as well as relaying other concerns and needs of local residents. You can read all about Community Councils HERE

This email is specifically aimed at folks living in CC14 area (HERE's a MAP so you can see if it pertains to you) .

If you don't live in the area, feel free to stop reading now. Thank you for your time, and please don't be irked and unsubscribe - I can count on one hand the number of times I've sent out a non-FARM NEWS email in the past 12+ years.

Community Council 14, Redland Community Council, includes virtually all the agricultural areas in the county, as well as some more urban areas. It has 6 subareas, served by one representative from each subarea, who has to live in the area they represent. However, everyone living within the entire area can vote for any open position.

There are currently 2 positions open for election on August 18 - those for Subarea 144 and Subarea 146. This is not a partisan election, but as whoever gets elected will become your voice, we must choose with care. It is important to vote for the folks who you believe can best help guide the future of our area in a fair manner.

Steve Green and Mary Waters are both running for election to CC14. I know both of these people well. Steve's Green Groves is a parcel of our Bee Heaven Farm organic operation, and we've worked together closely for many years. I have come to know and appreciate Mary over the years as well, as a staunch advocate for protecting our unique Redland agriculture and its rural character. She has been serving on CC 14 for four years, and is up for re-election. They're both grassroots people without big financial backers, and have both asked me to forward their message to you. I am happy to do so. Please read their messages below, and remember: VOTE AUGUST 18 for Steve Green #437 and Mary Waters #436.

As you know, the Redland area has been under an enormous number and variety of threats from those who want to change farmland, agritourism sites, and green spaces into warehouses and housing developments with all their attendant traffic. For a few years, I've been speaking at the Community Council meetings where those proposals are heard (the Council acts as a Zoning Board) and have not been happy with decisions based on erroneous pie-in-the-sky assertions made by developers and made without regard to smart development consistent with the neighborhood, effective conservation, and agricultural and agritourism practices. 

Therefore I did something entirely out of character for a Professor (Emeritus) and a conservation biologist. I filed to be a candidate for the Redland Community Council (CC14) for which the election is 18 August. 
I have never run for public office, but I am eager to serve and I’m told one of the most effective ways to recruit support is for people to hear from a trusted source/friend that a candidate deserves their vote. 

I am therefore asking if you could please share the campaign website with friends, neighbors, vendors, and customers, especially those who vote in southern Miami-Dade, and recommend they vote for me on 18 August: electstevegreen.com
There is also a brief video clip that helps introduce me, so I would be pleased and thankful if you would distribute its link and post the website URL to your mailing list, on your Facebook page, other social media accounts, and however and wherever else it will help our efforts to keep the Redland GREEN .
If you would like to speak to me about my campaign or my request to you, please let me know and I will give you a call.
Thank you in advance for your willingness to help and support!
- Steve
Steven Green
To Community Council 14 residents and those within our County,

I would appreciate your vote at the Primary election to be held Tuesday, August 18 th where I am running for re-election for Community Council 14 .

I am currently the Council’s chairperson and am nearing a full 4 year term of serving Community Council 14 district which borders include SW 152 nd Street south to the city limits of Homestead and west of U.S. Hwy 1 to the Everglades.

Community Council 14 area has 102,000 registered voters who will have the opportunity to vote for candidates for two of the subareas within CC14 area, namely, my Subarea 144 and Mr. Steven Green’s Subarea 146 .

The election ballot will have a “number” by the candidates name so please vote for Candidate #436 for Mary K. Waters and Candidate #437 for Steven Green.

I would also say I would be privileged and humbled to accept a contribution to my campaign account. Contributions must be made and mailed in this manner:

    Mary K. Waters Campaign Fund Account
    P.O. Box 700045
    Miami, FL 33170-0045

For any questions or comments you may reach me by calling or sending an email:
    305-801-9924 (Cell)

Thanking you in advance for your support and for you to please vote. Also, please forward to others as you see fit.

All the best,

Mary K. Waters
P.O. Box 700045
Miami, FL 33170-0045