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Hot Tip of the Week

What does your day look like as a business owner?
  • Do you have a list of goals and priorities each day?
  • Do you "eat the frog" early in the day?
  • Do you have an online calendar and send calendar invites to members of a meeting?
  • Do you call the day before a meeting to confirm?
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Spotlight focus: Azar's Restaurant
Owner: Katy Azar
About the business
Azar's Restaurant is a family owned and operated Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine restaurant started in 1980. Katy Azar is the owner and operator and works alongside her sons in the business. She uses recipes from her mother and grandmother. The food is all homemade, healthy, and uses only olive oil. The most popular dishes are gyro sandwiches and gyro and kabobs or falafal dinners. Catered to vegetarians and vegan as well.

Best customers
People that are looking for healthy, homemade foods, no preservatives, no additives, non-engineered foods. We are not fast food. They are sometimes considered vegetarian cuisine.  

COVID-19 impacts?
"It slowed us down a lot at first, we had to change our hours, lunch was slow," Azar said. They had to eliminate the buffet. They received a lot of business from the courthouse and it has been closed. They opened just for dinner – 4-8 p.m. Monday thru Saturday.

What changes have you made?
They set up takeout and delivery with Uber Eats and DoorDash.

"It changed the way we package things. We do all of the business from 4-8 p.m., so it can be intense. Customers have been so loyal. It impacted hours, deliveries, packaging, and how we do business."

They ramped up social media, which has been successful for them.

What 1 or 2 actions have you taken to make a difference, how is it working "Due to customer loyalty, we’ve stayed open to serve people," she said. She has worked hard to keep the business open in the community and is involved in the community. She also said that food costs have gone up. She is utilizing trade dollars with ITEX to offset cash expenses.
Azars Restaurant
2501 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99205
(509) 326-7171

Offer: 15% off of total bill if you mention this publication. Also, Azar is a broker for ITEX and accepts ITEX trade dollars in the restaurant for members. However, discounts don’t apply for ITEX.  

Mistakes made as a business owner and what would you change?
She said she should have found a bigger building with lounge space in the beginning so that they could have had higher revenues with alcohol sales.

Azar added, "Get an education so that you have something to back you up. If you start a business, and it doesn’t make it, get a job somewhere and think things through." 

Most inspiring to you?
"I am really inspired by the American people. They are strong, resilient, nothing stops them. People don’t stop, they keep going. I love being an American, it's the most wonderful country in the world and there is so much opportunity. Americans are so loyal and optimistic. They are remodeling their houses, doing their backyards, people aren’t lazy here."
Community Business Focus Weekly
Clean Nation Co.
Owner: Treasure Brooks

Treasure Brooks has been around residential house cleaning all of her life through her mom's successful cleaning service. She didn't plan to own and operate her own cleaning business, but after going to college and starting a family, in 2018 she found that she loves to clean and she loves to serve others.

She now has plans to expand her business nationally, and even named the business with an eye on expansion.

Her best customers, ironically, aren't the biggest homes or mansions in the area. She said they like to clean for working parent households between 1,500-2,400 square feet; usually making a combined income of about $150,000/yr. She noted that apartments and condos are great.

They were impacted by COVID-19, but were able to pivot into commerical cleaning with fogging and santizing, mostly for government buildings, as they saw immediate attrition with residential clients.

She said that CDC guidelines change, so they do their best to don PPE and ensure that all buildings and homes are safe.

She is inspired by women/mother's who take leaps of faith to leave bad relationships.

Special offer: If you sign up for a recurring service, take $50 off if you mention this publication.

Clean Nation Co.
(509) 217-4729
Social Media @cleanationco

Justice Benefit US
Owner: Ken Cameron

Ken Cameron is an engaging and caring person who is a connector of people. He is based out of Airway Heights and is involved with the West Plains Chamber.

Recently Cameron turned his attention from providing promotional products to businesses, to also offering Legal Shield services through the business Justice Benefit, as an independent associate with Legal Shield.

Cameron said that one of the biggest issues he is seeing during COVID-19 is identity theft. When it comes to identity theft he said that it is impacting so many, "You don’t hear about one per day, you hear about 100 per day."

He also can provide other Legal Shield packages including legal services for gun owners, and general legal. He said that most people will ignore legal risks until something bad happens. He helps to provide affordable legal services, but recommends being proactive. Legal Shield has been in business since 1972 and is a subscription-based legal services company.

Special offer: Cameron will provide a gift certificate to you to cover the cost of the first month of any Legal Shield package that you purchase.  

Kenneth Cameron
Managing Partner
Justice Benefit
Independent LegalShield Associates
Employee Benefits and Small Business Specialists
(509) 474-9894 Office/Text | (888) 310-1949 
Free LegalShield App: text justice4you to 737-777-9909
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Useful Business Thought of the Week
Time Management for the Business Owner

At the end of the day is your to-do list longer than it was at the beginning of the day? This can cause frustration and a feeling of being out of control.

Time management can be one of the hardest parts of running a company. When you are working for someone else, they tell you what to prioritize and how to spend your time. When you are the boss, your time is your own.

But if you are going to be an effective, and successful business owner, you'll want to get a handle on your time.

Read a blog post by ActionCOACH founder, Brad Sugars, about 6 Time Management Tips for Business Owners.

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