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An historic, and record breaking, number of LGBT people elected
LGBT pickups will help the new majority in the U.S. House of Representatives

Eight openly LGBT candidates have won their races for the U.S. House and one will head to a recount. Either way we are assured a historic number of openly LGBT candidates will be in the U.S. Congress next year. Three of the LGBT candidates won seats currently held by Republicans. One was in a key swing district held by a retiring Democrat, and four were incumbents. U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin won a resounding reelection to the U.S. Senate from Wisconsin.

Kyrsten Sinema’s race for U.S. Senate in......  READ MORE.....
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Melissa McCarthy is the lesbian you’ve longed for

She’s conquered comedy — now she brings queer biographer Lee Israel to life

Melissa McCarthy knows her way around a woman who doesn’t care what other people think. This is the foundation on which her bawdy and vanity-free slapstick characters are created. Anti-feminine hornball Megan in Bridesmaids dialed up dude-level crass and free-wheeling sexuality. She did it shamelessly and daringly — because she’s female, and this is Hollywood.

If you’ve ever gotten a lesbian read on McCarthy’s subversive heroines, you’re....   READ MORE.....
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NJ rocker Josh Zuckerman is working with Joan Jett’s band member

Zuckerman is making dreams come true

Like Bruce and Bon Jovi before him,  Josh Zuckerman  has slowly weaved himself into the fabric of New Jersey’s musical history. From his infectious stage presence to his lyrics that are relatable to practically everyone, whenever Zuckerman releases music, it’s always a Garden State event. I caught up with Josh as his new album Gone With The Music prepared to drop. We talked about his lifelong appreciation for Joan Jett and The Blackhearts. This has finally started to pay off. Let’s find out what we can expect from the next era of music from this uber talented Jersey rocker!

Michael Cook:  Josh, you have become one of ......  READ MORE.....
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LGBT youth in Summit now have Cafe Q
Cafe Q meets every third Sunday

LGBT teens in the Summit area now have a new place to meet. Cafe Q is a once-a-month meeting to hang out in a safe and comfortable environment that is LGBT friendly and safe. It is held at Congregation Beth Hatikvah, 36 Chatham Road in Summit, every third Sunday from 3-5 pm.

Cafe Q  is a non-denominational meeting and......  READ MORE.....
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