Measures & information
From the Ayurvedic Clinic, Ayurveda Institute UK and
the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals UK
Dear friends 

This is a time of great uncertainty for all of us. Perhaps a time in which the truth about our existence is being revealed to us. Our prayers and our hearts are with you all. 

For years we have been sending emails and newsletters using the Sanskrit sloka: ‘ Arogya Parama Labaha ’. We have simply translated this to mean that ‘ Health is your wealth !’. Our health is the very basis upon which we can experience this life. 

Now, more than ever on a global scale, we can understand the wisdom of Ayurveda. Our lives, the lives of the people around us and how we take care of each other are emerging as the only things that have ever truly mattered.

At the moment we are doing what we can to deal with enquiries from patients to give preventative advice and also to help those who are experiencing symptoms of the virus. 
To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have temporarily closed the Clinic to protect and care for you and those who work with us, and the public.
We will miss seeing you, but we're still available via email. We will send updates on the Clinic, and the Institute via email, our website and Facebook as well as preventative advice and information from the Ayurvedic perspective. 

We are all in this together. We hope that you will stay well, keep us all safe and support those who are carrying out critical work for our communities.  
The clinic is temporarily closed until we can resume normal service. We took a decision to stop all Panchakarma therapies more than 2 weeks ago. Until the recent government announcement, we were conducting consultations via Skype / Facetime and posting medicines, but due the lockdown we are no longer able to do so. 

If you are experiencing or suspect you are experiencing any symptoms of the corona virus and would like to have a consultation with our doctors via Skype or telephone for advice or assistance, please contact us by email only and we will respond as quickly as possible. 

Ayurveda Institute UK 

If you are a current student of the Institute, we will continue to send out e-learning videos and information for you to continue your studies. Now may be the perfect opportunity to give your attention to this science. We will send out information about upcoming exams soon and any postponements and will give extensions to students if required. 

If you have made an enquiry about joining our courses, we will soon be sending out information about the courses scheduled to start in September 2020. At the present time we are unable to say whether these dates will be viable. We will register your interest and once the situation has stabilised we will re-visit the issue of starting dates and/or any amendments to the courses. 

If you are registered for the massage course in March or June, once again, as soon as the situation stabilises, we will re-visit the dates and / or amendments to the courses. 
Preventative advice from the Ayurvedic perspective

We strongly advise that you follow the official instructions regarding the lockdown. It absolutely vital that we act consciously so that we are not carriers for the virus and spread it to others. Your support in this is critical especially for healthcare professionals and others who are carrying out essential community services many of whom are working around the clock and putting themselves at great risk to protect us all. 

The ancient ways of dealing with virus was to hang a bunch of neem leaves outside the home to let others know that the household is infected. The message was - ‘I am quarantined to take care of you’. This polite message encouraged people to think of each other. We have a lot to learn from this example – we have to think carefully about how every action we take affects others – your children, your parents, your colleagues and friends. This is the very essence of consciousness.   

Ayurvedic remedies and diet for prevention

In addition to the official government guidance about safeguarding against the spread of the virus, these remedies can be used by everyone to help protect from the virus and can be used if you have a mild cough or cold or any flu-like symptoms: 

Coconut oil: Using a clean cotton bud, apply a small amount of coconut oil to the inside of the nostrils, lips and run into the hands, especially before going out. 
Blackened coconut: (instructions on how to prepare this are in the short video attached). Eat one-inch piece of this blackened coconut 3 times a day. Make sure to chew well for 5-10 minutes before swallowing. 
Coriander water: If you are not experiencing any rise in temperature or any cough or cold you can take one glass of coriander water three times a week, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (instructions to make coriander water are attached below) 
   Coriander and ginger tea: take one or two small cups of coriander and ginger tea per day (it is best to replace one or two of your normal cups of coffee / tea with this preparation). 
   Ginger, lime and honey drink: if you are experiencing cold / cough or flu-like symptoms take a small cup of this drink twice a day. Mix half a cup of hot water with 1 tablespoon of the ginger lime and honey mixture (instructions to make the ginger lime and honey mixture are attached below)
Diet: if you are experiencing cold / cough or flu-like symptoms, try to maintain the correct pH balance of the body (balance the pitta dosha) and avoid the following:

o  Red meat
o Coffee
o  Alcohol 
o  Cheese 
o  Tomatoes 
o  Sea food 

If you think you might have corona virus or suspect you have symptoms of the corona virus you can contact us (via email only) and we can arrange a consultation via Skype or Facetime with one of the doctors for further advice and assistance.