Brand New Course: Grant Writing (EDU 930)

Typical school budgets rarely cover the supplies and equipment that teachers require, making it more imperative than ever to master the art of grant proposal writing. Join us online this June to learn how to address typical grant proposal components in your writing. This course is designed specifically for K-12 educators who are interested in obtaining classroom grants for the purpose of extending the learning of their students and themselves. The course has been designed such that by the end of the course, participants will have researched appropriate funders and applied the principles of technical writing to completion of a K-12 classroom grant proposal. Taught by Dr. Patty McGinnis ; register by May 31st .
Don't Let These Courses Melt Away
Time is running out to register for these great courses, which won't be offered again until summer. Registration deadlines are this Friday.
Creativity & Innovation (EDU 905) : reinvent your classroom & inspire your students
Starts online April 9 | Register by Friday (3/30) | Taught by Jeff Mummert

Understanding Today's Students (EDU 909) : understand generational differences
Starts online April 9 | Register by Friday (3/30) | Taught by Dr. Jolene Erlacher

Gamification in Education (EDU 926) : apply game-like principles to learning
Starts online April 9 | Register by Friday (3/30) | Taught by Jeff Mummert

Tech-Infused Classroom (EDU 900) : integrate tech into daily learning activities
Starts in Bellefonte, PA April 9 | Register by Friday (3/30) | Taught by Arlin Roth
Instructor Spotlight: Traci Landry
Eduspire Instructor,
Traci Landry
Get to know us better: Eduspire's top-notch instructors combine experience, skill, insight, and a passion for education. This week's interview features Traci Landry —  click here  to read her instructor spotlight profile and learn her favorite ed-tech app and ice cream flavor!

We've Reached a New Milestone!
Thank you for spreading the word!

A little over 16 months since launching the Master of Educational Technology program in partnership with Wilson College, we have reached 200 participants, roughly 14% of which are also pursuing the Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS) certificate along with their master's in EdTech. It's an exciting time!

In the market for a master's degree? Why not check out this one?
  • Flexible
  • Customizable
  • Over 50 EdTech courses
  • Available 100% online
Meet Our Curriculum Coordinator and MET Advisor,
Alicen Hoy
You may recognize Alicen as an instructor of some of our Chromebooks , Google Tools , and Inquiry Learning courses, if you've taken them sometime in the past three years. In addition to being an excellent instructor, Alicen has also taken on the role of Curriculum Coordinator for Eduspire, as well as playing an integral part in the advisor program for the Wilson College Master of Educational Technology (MET) degree.

In her role as Curriculum Coordinator, Alicen serves as a liason between Eduspire Instructors and Wilson College, making sure that each party has what is needed for the running of courses. She also oversees the MET Advisor program and works with our advisors to ensure that our MET students are progressing through the program successfully.

Alicen is still an instructor with Eduspire, and she finds that her interactions with course-takers as Curriculum Coordinator and MET Advisor help to guide her teaching because she is still able to stay connected to the ever-changing world of educational technology through conversations with instructors and students.
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