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Hello August

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Advocacy Unlimited, Inc.

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Join Rise Be

Join Rise Be

114 West Main St.

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New Britain, CT


(855) 646-7366

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Toivo Center

1477 Park St.

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Hartford, CT


(860) 296-2338

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Hearing Voices Network

114 West Main St. Suite 201

New Britain, CT


[email protected]

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Bridger Program

114 West Main St. Suite 201

New Britain, CT


(860) 882-9980


Alternatives To Suicide

1477 Park St.

Suite 102

Hartford, CT


[email protected]


Featured Article: Framing Depression as a Functional Signal Rather than a Disease Promotes Hope and Reduces Stigma, Study Finds

Free Community Education

  • Breathwork Classes
  • Breath Body Mind Workshop
  • Stand In Your Sacred Ground

AU Spaces to Connect

  • Bridger Program Community Meet Up
  • Creative Space Meet Up
  • Young Adult Warmline - Phone Based Peer Support

Peer Support Groups

  • Alternatives to Suicide - Group Times
  • Connecticut Hearing Voices Network - Group Times

Maastricht Approach Project

  • Participate In a MAP Interview
  • Join The Provider Network

Connect with a Community Bridger

Join Rise Be

  • Statewide Young Adult Advisory Board
  • Young Adult Warmline

Toivo: Holistic Stress Management Initiative

  • August Offerings
  • Connect With Toivo's Instagram!

Individual Advocacy Network

Employment Opportunities

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Peer Community Resources

CT Community Resources

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Watercolor Brain Art


Remote Association Test

The Remote Associates Test normally takes a linguistic form: given three words, the participant is asked to come up with a fourth word associated with all three of them.

Example: Square | Cardboard | Open - BOX

Wise, Work, Tower| ASSOCIATED WORD


Featured Article

Framing Depression as a Functional Signal Rather than a Disease Promotes Hope and Reduces Stigma, Study Finds

By Julia Lejeune

This featured article is provided by Mad In America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving as a catalyst for rethinking psychiatric care in the United States.

Person walking with cartoon hands pointing at them

New research reveals that individuals seeking depression treatment may benefit from an explanation of depression as serving an important human function, as opposed to a disease arising from genetic and environmental risk factors.

The study, published by Hans Schroder and colleagues in Social Science & Medicine, investigates the effects of different messages of depression etiology on participants’ beliefs about depression, attitudes toward treatment, and self-stigma. Findings from the randomized controlled trial indicate that the message invoking the language of depression as serving an important function leads to more adaptive beliefs about depression and lower levels of self-stigma.


This free community education is hosted by Advocacy Unlimited, Inc. Registration is strongly encouraged. 

Virtual trainings are offered via Zoom. No recording will be available. Once you register, you will receive an email about 72 hours before the training begins that includes the link to join the training

Click here to read our community informed consent statement: INFORMED CONSENT



Breathwork 4 Recovery, DATE: Third Wednesday of July (7/19), August(8/16), September (9/20), October (10/18), November (11/15), and December (12/20)  TIME: 12pm-1pm  LOCATION: In person @Toivo Center 1477 Park Street, Suite 102  Hartford, CT  and Virtually via Zoom. DESCRIPTION  Breathwork is an evidence-based practice that supports recovery after trauma. We will practice two basic breathwork techniques, and learn how breathwork supports a healthy nervous system. Register at or Email: or Call: (860) 505-7581.

Breath Body Mind Two-Day Workshop

Breath Body Mind September 11th & 12th from 9 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. at the Toivo Center in Hartford. Contact Linda Lentini to register:

Final Breath-Body-Mind Course to be offered September 11th & 12th


Our breath is always with us. Utilizing breathwork can be an empowering tool to support and sustain our recovery.


In this free, two-day workshop you will learn gentle movement and breathing practices to improve stress resilience, energy levels, sleep, and restore a sense of calmness. Breath-Body-Mind techniques are easy to learn and allow any individual the ability to heal from within. This training is for anyone who wishes to improve their physical health and general well-being. 


This is the last BBM training that will be held at Toivo in 2023. We sincerely hope you join us to learn & experience the healing power of breath! Contact [email protected] to register.

Stand In Your Sacred Ground

Stand in your sacred ground by cultivating personal and professional life practices that will support your capacity to become resilient against overwhelm, burnout, stress, and vicarious trauma in the workplace and beyond. This talk will bolster your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, emotional regulation and distress tolerance abilities, your capacity to practice subjective and objective observations of yourself and others and advance your ability to adhere to interpersonal boundaries that will all lead to generative productivity and optimal resiliency. The event will be held at 52 North Main Street - Middletown, CT. 06457 on August 14th from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.


Meet Up With the Bridger Program

Are you looking to connect with your community? The Bridger Program Meet-up is an opportunity to come together with Bridgers and peers in a safe space for conversation and creative exploration. Every Wednesday from 3-4PM. All are welcomed. Refreshments, crafts, music, and more!

Creative Space Meet Up

Meet-Up: It’s been a long time, spending Wednesday night in meet-up writing a rhyme. My coping method is to write, I always knew when it flowed onto the paper that it would be alright. Meet-up is a safe place, in the whirling race. A place to get away and get creative, a place to feel understood and related. – A poem by Sarah Whyman-Beaulieu. Meet up is held Wednesdays from 3 to 4:30 P.M. at 114 West Main Street, New Britain, Connecticut 06051. For more information visit


1-855-646-3669 | 7 Days a week | 12pm-9pm

You are not alone. If you’re feeling upset, stressed, nervous or just want to talk, call our Warmline! Staff use their lived experience to offer hope, hold space, connect callers to resources, and support their peers in living a life of self-defined purpose.  Peer Support Warmline Number: 1-855-6-HOPENOW or 1-855-646-3669. Our operators are available every day from 12 P.M. to 9 P.M. We look forward to hearing from you!



Alternatives to Suicide (or Alt2Su) is a network of support groups where people can talk openly about suicidal thoughts, experiences and attempts without fear of being judged or hospitalized. Facilitators of these groups know what it's like and promote a culture of mutual support. Alternatives to Suicide has many different meeting options shown below. IN PERSON MEETINGS Every Monday in New London at Recovery 12 Solutions at 2 P.M. Every Tuesday in Middletown at Free Center Middletown at 6:30 P.M. Every Tuesday in Westport at Positive Directions at 7 P.M. Every Wednesday in Hartford at Toivo at 5 P.M. and Every Wednesday in Danbury at UU Congregation of Danbury at 6 P.M.  VIRTUAL MEETINGS:  Every Monday at 3:30 P.M. Zoom link available please email


Connecticut Hearing Voices Network Logo

The CT Hearing Voices Network provides statewide support for people who hear voices or have other alternative experiences.


Mondays from 2:00 - 3:30 P.M.

Contact facilitator Claire (she/her)

[email protected] or (203) 804-5507

Mondays from 6:00 - 7:00 P.M.

Contact facilitator Linda (she/her)

[email protected]


Tuesdays from 7:30 - 8:30 P.M.

Contact facilitator Skye (they/them) [email protected] 

Or (860) 952-4050

Wednesdays from 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Contact facilitator Tina (they/them)

(203) 913-4409

Thursdays from 6:30 - 7:30 P.M.

Contact facilitator Skye (they/them)

[email protected] 

Or (860) 952-4050

Fridays from 9:30 - 11:00 P.M.

Contact facilitator Denise (she/her)

(959) 333-7017

Saturdays from 8:30 - 10:00 A.M.

Contact facilitator Denise (she/her)

(959) 333-7017

Saturdays from 4:00 - 5:00 P.M.

Contact facilitator Tina (they/them)

(203) 913-4409


Friends and Family Support Group! Online Tuesdays from 6:00 - 7:00 P.M.

Click here to learn more.


East Windsor Group

Meets: Mondays, 2:00 - 3:00 P.M.

Location: Warehouse Point Library

107 Main Street

East Windsor, CT 06088

Contact: Denise - (959) 333-7017

Library- (860) 623-5482

Hartford Group

Meets: Wednesdays, 3:00 - 4:00 P.M.

Location: Free Center

460 New Britain Ave,

Hartford, CT 06106

Contact: Ryan - (203) 707-1001 [email protected]


New Britain Wednesday Group

Meets: Wednesdays, 12:00 – 1:00 P.M.

Location: Advocacy Unlimited

114 West Main St

Suite 201

New Britain, CT 06051

Contact: Tina (They/them) -[email protected] 

New Britain Thursday Group

Meets: Thursdays, 2:30 – 3:30 P.M.

Location: Advocacy Unlimited

114 West Main St

Suite 201

New Britain, CT 06051

Contact: Skye Collins (They/them) -

(860) 952-4050

[email protected]

Community Action Agency of New Haven Group

Meets: Wednesdays, 5:00 - 6:00 P.M.

Location: Whalley Medical & Professional Center

419 Whalley Avenue

New Haven, CT 06511

Contact: Quashea - (475) 209-1091


New Haven Inpatient RESOURCE Group

HVN Affiliate (Not open to the public)

Meets: Tuesdays 2:00 -3:00 P.M.

Location: Yale-New Haven Psychiatric Hospital

184 Liberty Street

New Haven, CT 06519

Contact: Claire - (203) 804-5507

[email protected]

New London Group

Meets: Wednesdays, 3:00 - 4:00 P.M.

Location: Recovery 12 Solutions

155 Montauk Ave

New London CT 06320

Contact: Skye (They/them) -

(860) 952-4050

[email protected]


Maastricht Approach Project Globe Logo

The Maastricht Approach Project (MAP) is a community of informed supporters working together to normalize and embrace the full spectrum of human experiences



The Maastricht Approach Project is building a community network of providers, called "Maastricht Guides,” who are trained in both offering the Maastricht Interview, as well as the skills and philosophies of providing an integrative approach to therapy. MAP will connect participant/client with providers.


This assessment is for Connecticut-based providers of mental health and addiction services. "Providers" is a broad term, and if you believe and feel you are a provider, please complete this survey. Results will be used to determine the need for provider education and training in the area of working with people who hear voices or experience paranoia.




The Maastricht Interview is a questionnaire that includes questions related to the experience of voice hearing and paranoia.

The interview is a 1:1 approach, and conducted between 6-8 sessions.

The interview encourages the participant to explore the experience of voice hearing, built trust, openness, and understanding in their own experience. This occurs in a structured and supportive environment, led by trained Maastricht’s Guides.

The outcome is a document written fully in the words of the participant, outlines their unique lived experience, as well as identified points of interest to work towards personal recovery.

The act of documenting ones experience can be validating to the Voice Hearer. With continued conversation, ultimately reducing internalized stigma, and promoting social engagement.

For More Information:

Email [email protected]


  • Learn skills to cope and negotiate with voices to build a more positive relationship with the voices.
  • Research shows that control over voices is possible and benefits clinical outcomes.[i]
  • Voice hearers can learn to have pride in their experience and to give their voices personal and positive meaning.
  • Learn to no longer be dominated by ones voices, and make their own choices.
Trees inside of face silhouette art
[i] Mourgues, et. al. (2022). Measuring Voluntary Control Over Hallucinations: The Yale Control Over Perceptual Experiences (COPE) Scales. Schizophrenia bulletin48(3), 673–683.


Bridger Program Round Logo

The Bridger Program at Advocacy Unlimited Inc. provides non-clinical, person-centered support to adults statewide whose lives have been affected by psychiatry, trauma and/or addiction. 

The Bridger Team is made up of individuals who draw from their own diverse lived experiences, coupled with the principles of Intentional Peer Support and their training as Recovery Support Specialist to build authentic, safe relationships defined by mutual trust, respect and personal agency. Engagement in the Bridger Program is 100% voluntary. 

For more information contact the Bridger Program Manager:

Char'Dornne Bussue (860) 882-9980 | [email protected]

Bridger Program: We're Here To Support You!


Join Rise Be


We are a grant funded peer-led initiative built by young people for young people. We are based in New Britain, Connecticut and travel statewide to create space through presentations, workshops, and peer-groups. We our shared lived experience so others feel comfortable to do the same. We are here to influence positive change across our current mental health system and within our communities. Through our effort we cultivate the belief that recovery is possible and we all have the capacity to achieve self-defined success.



July 6

August 3

September 7



A space for young adults from across Connecticut to share, connect and use our collective experiences to improve the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services' young adult programming. 

During meetings, we connect, share, and plan statewide recovery and leadership events. We are currently planning the 2023 Young Adult Summer Funfest.

TO REGISTER EMAIL [email protected]

JRB Young Adult Warmline 18856HOPENOW

Our Warmline offers statewide phone-based peer support for young adults. 

Similar to hotlines, staff connect callers to community resources, hold space, and inspire callers to step forward and towards a life of self-defined purpose.

Callers may be feeling burnout or overwhelmed, recovering from trauma, or seeking a friend - all are welcome to call to connect with a peer today!






or 1-855-6-HOPENOW

Join Rise Be: Welcome to our team Tina and James!

TOIVO Center in Hartford

Toivo Center Logo- Lotus Heart Flower


Toivo is a peer-led initiative that includes statewide classes, workshops and a center for holistic healing and stress management located in Hartford, Connecticut. To Learn more visit the Toivo website HERE

Donation-based offerings include yoga, meditation, qigong, sound healing, laughter yoga, drumming, creative expression, healing arts, support groups and more.

Toivo activities are offered regularly at the center in Hartford as well as in psychiatric hospitals, addiction rehab facilities, club houses, shelters, prisons, schools, senior centers, corporations, community events and conferences. Most importantly, Toivo is a community, a safe space to find support and understanding. We believe that human connection is essential to healing. It is at the heart of everything we do.



Toivo's Instagram!


Keep up to date with the latest offerings from Toivo, and get a peak into the center itself by following the Toivo Instagram page @toivo_center or click the icon above.

Screen Capture of Toivo's Instagram Page

AU Individual Advocacy Network

People High Fiving in the Woods

Virtual Meetings

Twice a Month

1st and 3rd Fridays


The shared purpose of IAN

We are a group of people whose lives have been devastated by the mental health and addiction service system of Connecticut. People are suffering. People are seeking help from an expensive, broken system that is not meeting their needs. We must do better. Our intention is to promote approaches that support people to move through emotional distress. Our hope is that you will join us and take action.

Look Through A Few Relevant Listings!

Advocacy Unlimited Round Purple Logo

Advocacy Unlimited Seeking a RSS Course Administrator

The RSS Course Administrator publicizes, organizes, and co-facilitates five 10-session RSS trainings, across the state of Connecticut, and serves as a community resource, point of contact and advocate for our growing number of graduates and alumni. This position requires a passion for the peer movement, strong communication skills, and the willingness to network with community partners to carry the message of Advocacy Unlimited. If you are interested in this position please view the full job description below.

To apply please email a resume and cover letter to: [email protected].

Job Description

Join Rise Be Is Looking For A Young Adult Peer Leadership Specialist

The YA Peer Leadership Specialist will lead young adult statewide advisory board meetings, organize and conduct leadership trainings, assist with the facilitation of young adult RSS training, and complete other duties as assigned. The full job description is available below.

To apply please email a resume and cover letter to: [email protected].

Job Description
Job openings at The Village

The Village has a wide variety of job opportunities available in a database which is regularly updated.

Learn More and Apply
The Village Where Real Change Happens Logo
CMHA: Community Mental Health Affiliates. Employment Applications.
Visit Their Applications Page

Multiple Opportunities: CMHA

Multiple positions for per diem Residential Monitors at CMHA in locations across the state! Check out their list.

Mental Health CT Logo
Multiple Opportunities: Mental Health Connecticut, Inc

Multiple opportunities with Mental Health Connecticut, Inc in locations across the state! Check out their list.

Visit our Website

Multiple Opportunities: CommuniCare CT

CommuniCare CT has multiple job opportunities open! Click the link below to see their current listings.

Visit our Website
CommuniCare Logo
Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery Logo
CCAR Hiring Multiple Positions

CCAR Is currently hiring for multiple positions. The ideal applicants will be enthusiastic, extremely well-organized, and passionate about supporting people in recovery.

A cover letter is required. Resumes without cover letter will not be considered.

Learn More And Apply

Looking for a job where you can support others through your own lived experiences?

We regularly update the Job Opportunities page on our website.

Check it out here! 

Got an Peer Opening?

Know of a job opportunity available? Please let us know, and we'll get the word out to our network of qualified applicants.

Email: [email protected]


SING Music Study at Yale seeks participants. Up to $700 stipend for participants who complete study

Help us study how music influences hearing voices! Do you enjoy music? Do you hear voices other people don’t? Are you interested in sharing musical experiences with a small group of people? Study Visits Include: 4 weekly group music sessions; Random assignment to ONE (1) of the following group types: Songmaking in a group, Karaoke, Listening to your own playlist, Listening to someone else’s playlist, Computer games, Interviews, Questionnaires- participants will be asked to talk about their music and voice-hearing experiences. Up to $700 in Compensation. Travel reimbursement up to $75 per session. Yale HIC #2000026376


Email [email protected] or call (475) 241-5414 for more information. Follow the links below to view the recruitment guidelines or a PDF of the flyer. You can learn more about the goals for the study in the following articles:

Yale Researchers to Study How Music Affects People With Psychosis | Yale School of Medicine

NIH ‘Sound Health’ Grants Raise the Volume on Music, Singing Research | Dana Foundation

Yale study researches music’s effect on voices in the head | Republican American Archives (


The Understanding Control Over Voice-Hearing Experiences Project By The Yale COPE Project

The COPE II Project at Yale Home | Yale COPE Project

The COPE II Project seeks to understand the methods some voice hearers (including psychic mediums, clairaudients, and shamans) use to control onset and offset of their voices. Information gathered will be used to develop holistic treatments for voice hearers who currently do not have this control. Stipend of up to $830 for people who complete the subject, with the possibility of travel reimbursement. COPE II is looking for the following people:

  • Voice hearer with a psychosis spectrum diagnosis
  • Voice hearer without a psychosis spectrum diagnosis
  • Person with psychosis spectrum diagnosis who does not hear voices
  • Person without a psychosis spectrum diagnosis who does not hear voices

If you are interested in participating, email [email protected] to request a pre-screening form. Please include “control study” in the subject line. For more information on what participating in the study requires read the full explanation below under "what to expect."

What To Expect 

Recursos en español

¿Sabes cómo obtener servicios de apoyo en estos momentos tan difíciles?

Hay programas de ayuda para las necesidades básicas, salud mental y adicción, incluso apoyos a bajo costo y para indocumentados. Si tú o un ser querido necesita ayuda, no tardes en contactarte con una de las opciones a continuación. 

Haga Clic Aquí


July 05, 2023: Abolish Phy? With Craig Newnes

Are psychotherapy’s assumptions completely misguided? What is really at stake in the research and practice of psychology? Is it possible to take a step back and see “psy” for what it is? Craig Newnes is a Jewish dad, grandad, musician, writer, and former director of one of the UK’s largest NHS Psychological Therapies Directorates, and he joins Will Hall to discuss a critical view of the entire psy industry. Past editor of the British Psychological Society clinical psychology division newsletter for 19 years, Craig has doctorates in History and Clinical Psychology and currently edits the Journal of Critical Psychology Counseling and Psychotherapy. He has published over 200 articles and 25 books, including the upcoming Psychomusicology, available from Egalitarian Publishing.


Madness Radio: Voices & Visions from outside mental health.
National Paranoia Network Horse Logo

National Paranoia Network

The Paranoia Network was originally launched in 2004. Run by Peter Bullimore, Kate Crawford and Shaun Hunt, the organization aims to raise awareness of how disabling paranoia can be, and to breakdown social taboos.

Read A tribute to Peter Bullimore

View NPN's Latest Newsletter

Wildflower Alliance

The Wildflower Alliance supports healing and empowerment for our broader communities and people who have been impacted by psychiatric diagnosis, trauma, extreme states, homelessness, problems with substances and other life-interrupting challenges.

Wildflower Alliance Website:

Wildflower Alliance Logo
Madness Network News Art


Madness Network News is dedicated to the interchange of energy and support of mad people and psychiatric survivors. Our work is rooted in psychiatric abolition and mad liberation movements, and we are committed to fighting against psychiatric oppression and violence everywhere. 

BLOG: Anti-psychiatry vs. Psychiatric Abolition

BY: Róisín

National Association For Rights Protection and Advocacy (NARPA) Logo

September 6 - 9, 2023 | New Orleans

Click the link below for registration and travel information.


2023 National Conference

NARPA’S mission is to support people with psychiatric diagnoses to exercise their legal and human rights, with the goals of abolishing forced treatment and ensuring autonomy, dignity and choice.

NARPA exists to promote social justice for people who experience the world in ways society often calls “mental illness.”

We do this through:

◊ Education

◊ Advocacy

◊ Rights advancement

◊ Promoting alternatives to coercive and harmful practices

So the right to choice can be meaningful.

Call or text 62-FIRESIDE

Open everyday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm PT.

The Psychedelic Peer Support Line is staffed by rigorously trained, compassionate, supportive volunteers from diverse backgrounds who listen deeply and from a place of non-judgment.

Fireside Project Logo

Alcoholics Anonymous is a worldwide fellowship of people who help each other to stay sober. They offer the same help to anyone who has a drinking problem and wants to do something about it. Since they are all alcoholics themselves, they have a special understanding of each other. They know what the illness feels like – and they have learned how to recover from it in AA.

Alcoholics Anonymous Logo


Recovery Innovations for Pursuing Peer Leadership and Empowerment at

Resources From RIPPLE

RIPPLE is a small collective of people who have lived experience with mental health and/or addiction challenges. Their mission is to empower their peers and use their voices to educate, inform, and inspire new leaders in the community. They aim to bring new and innovative ideas to the recovery process for the benefit of all.

RIPPLE has a comprehensive list of resources in Connecticut, organized by need and county.

Check It Out Here

Virtual Narcan Trainings

Learn About:

-The opioid epidemic

-How to prevent an overdose

-How to recognize warning signs & symptoms

-How to administer Narcan (Naloxone)

-Current protective legislation in CT

-Local resources & services

Read More
Save A Life Use Narcan
Bed Clipart

DMHAS Mental Health Bed Website

A new project listing open beds, including 45 state-operated and private non-profit agencies, covering six types of programs and more than 1700 beds. Programs will be updating this site when there is a change in availability and at least weekly.

View Website
Blac Leaders: Anti-Racism Resources

Blac Leaders and Administrators Consortium has compiled a list of anti-racism resources, including children's books, social media accounts, and videos and other media.

List of Anti-Racism Resources
Blac Leaders: Anti-Racism Resources Cover Photo
PFA Orange Heart Logo
Helping Hands: A Resource Guide for Families With Loved Ones In Prison

Prison Families Alliance (PFA) is committed to improving the lives of families and children who have loved ones in the criminal justice system.

Check Out Their Website
Amplify Resource Page

Amplify has compiled a list of resources available for support in Connecticut, by region.

Check Out The Lists Here
Amplify A Regional Behavioral Action Organization


Peer support services help Veterans who are using mental health treatment services in VHA. Any Veteran can have mental health problems, trouble with addictions, or other related problems. These can all negatively affect their daily living and personal wellness. Peer Specialists are employees who are Veterans. They have personally experienced similar life challenges to the Veterans who are using mental health services in VHA.

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
VA Logo
Learn More
chr Real Life Real Hope Logo

CHR Warmline

Need support? Call to talk to a peer who understands.

CHR Warmline:

(6pm-10pm, 7 days a week)
Husky Health Connecticut

HUSKY Medicaid Program Updates

The HUSKY Medicaid Program made several changes to their programs in 2020 to ensure better access to services and to best ensure the safety of patients and healthcare providers.

Visit our Website
Owl On a Branch At Night
Late-Night Support Meetings

Are you a night owl?

Join RIPPLE for their late-night support groups on zoom, from 10pm-12am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Check It Out Here
Eating Disorder Support Lines

National Eating Disorders Support Line

Eating Disorder and Bulimia Hotline

Phone Clip Art

Housing Support

Looking for Shelter? Call 2-1-1 Press 3, then 1 to speak with a housing specialist. 
As of 11/17/2014 all requests for shelter beds must be made through 2-1-1

Safelink users call 1-800-203-1234
House Clip Art


Advocacy Unlimited, 114 W. Main Street, Suite 201, New Britain, CT 06051

Office Hours: 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday

T: (860) 505-7581

E: [email protected]

Facebook  Instagram  YouTube

CREATIVITY PUZZLE Remote Association Test

ANSWER: Wise, Work, Tower | CLOCK

Thanks for reading, and see you next month!

Toivo Center