Please be assured that, in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will continue to follow current local guidelines and adapt to new routines to safeguard the health of our customers & staff. This includes adhering to our county's order of face coverings being mandatory in businesses and enclosed public spaces where social distancing of at least 6 feet cannot be maintained. Thank you for your cooperation.
 Choose from our sweet selection of motivational wall art as our gift
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Adorned with a colorful design and an uplifting message, these inspirational prints are sure to brighten your home as well as your mood!

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 We've Expanded Our
Trapp Fragrance Collection!
Cleanse, purify, and channel your inner tranquility with the calming blend from one of the newest additions to our Trapp Fragrance collection, the Palo Santo scent. Warm, woody notes of Palo Santo are accented by earthy, fresh oakmoss and exotic Kashmiri saffron.
Or perhaps you'd prefer the cool and invigorating fragrance from another of our new introductions, Watermint Eucalyptus, which invites instant feelings of energy and freshness. The herbal notes of mint and eucalyptus are combined with fresh florals and warm woods for a balanced, natural fragrance.
Trapp Fragrances...just another selection at The Village Shoppes that will calm your senses!
Our Ulster Weavers Kids Collection is perfect for the young ones in your life who love to explore!
Their imaginations will stay active while donning what they need for a fun-filled adventure, including everything outdoors, from mud puddles to toadstools!
And, don't worry about staying clean! Designed to inspire young explorers, this easy-care collection makes washing up a breeze!
So, go ahead and surprise the young adventure-seeker in your life and let the memory-making begin...
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One of the most attractive features of our botanical fern prints is their natural simplicity.
The neutral tones and calming illustrations featured in our botanical fern prints allow them to be in perfect harmony with any decor.
Our selection of botanical fern prints is available in a myriad of frame colors and sizes, ensuring that you'll find one that will be a splendid enhancement to your home's furnishings!
We've just received a new shipment of fabulous lamps that will look, oh, so lovely in your home!
Our assortment of lamps has always been incredible, but these extraordinary arrivals takes our selection to the next level!
Come in today and be among the first to take home one of our new, stylish, and, yes, even trend-setting lamps!
Warning: With a lamp selection as fantastic as ours, it's going to be hard to decide which one to take home!
Uncle Sam has joined our selection of Nora Fleming minis just in time for summer holiday celebrations and...
he wants YOU to take him home!
Speaking of celebrating summer holidays...
You can count on The Village Shoppes to have patriotic home decor that is sure to add explosive appeal to your festivities!
Click on the image below to read what Deanna Pietrzak, our Department 56 Collection Specialist, has to share about new releases, recent retirements, and exciting revelations within our expansive selection of Department 56 products!
We're not just trying to fill up space with words when we share our warm thoughts and feelings about our customers. So many of the people that we feature in our newsletters are much more than just our "customer"...they are our friend. And then there are those people who are more than our friend...they are like our Doreen Van Dierendonck.
Doreen has been special to the Sutton family since...well, waaay before The Village Shoppes even existed! And, since The Village Shoppes is closing in on its 50th anniversary, Doreen has been in the inner circle of the Sutton family for a loooooong time! Needless to say, she has been a faithful shopper at our stores since we opened and we are where she comes to (in her words) "lift her spirits". Oh! If she only knew how she lifts OUR spirits when we hear the bells of our front door jingle and look up to see her come thru them. Doreen...there are no words to adequately express just how much you mean to the Sutton family AND to The Village Shoppes!
Hide-n-Seek with Bella!
If you're the first person to come into The Village Shoppes and correctly identify where the image below is hidden in this e-mail...
 you'll be the winner of a $25 gift certificate!
*No need to print this newsletter. We'll have one ready and waiting for you! Sorry, if you've been a contest winner within the last six months, you nor anyone in your household are eligible to participate in this month's contest.

´╗┐What does an island and the letter "T"
have in common?
Click on the image above for the answer.

Caption It!
Watch our Facebook page for your chance to win a $10 gift certificate simply by coming up with what is (in our opinion) the best witty caption for the picture shown below! When you see this picture on our Facebook page, simply post your caption as a comment.
Good luck, have fun, & keep it clean!
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